The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Feb 12, 2010

Still here...Little Miss Macy update from room 311

Macy is doing well, she's a tough cookie and is very much hanging in there!
Her oxygen levels dipped this afternoon, so they put her on oxygen.

I do not have my "actual" camera, so these iPhone pics will have to suffice...

Due to this, her stay here at Bergan will certainly be prolonged, she will not be able to leave any sooner than Sunday. May go into early next week, I hope not, but of course, we are in no rush to check out, whatever is best for Macy is BEST. btw - What is up with Macy wanting to spend major holidays in the hospital?? :(

They've hooked her up to an IV with antibiotics & fluids pumping through her teeny veins.

Blood draws, oh the MISERABLE blood draws! Macy is not shy or suttle about expressing her feelings towards blood draws. Leaves nothing to the imagination. She just screams! Absolutely the worst sound in the whole world! :-(. After the lab techs wrestled with her for several minutes, finally getting what they needed from her uncooperative veins, I peeled a sad & trembling Macy up from her bed & hugged her so tight. She was staring into my eyes with such a sad, puppy-dog expression on her face. Oh the heartbreak...I couldn't help but cry myself. :-(. So innocent and helpless she is...

We just recieved some of blood work results from earlier, they tested for several things. Negative for flu, nadda for RSV, her general blood count came back fine and at this time shows no sign of infection. Very good!

Another positive - Macy has her appetite back, she has been feeding very well tonight, I am relieved by that!

On a lighter note, the pediatric floor is quite delightful, very colorful with lots of natural light! Our room is huge, at least a lot larger than her previous hospital stay in the Children's Hospital NICU. We've got the corner suite :) There are no visitor restrictions, even kids can come up. We look forward to our folks visiting tomorrow and hopefully bringing McKenzie up too. :-) A sweet innocent hug and smile from our bubbly 2 year old is just what the doctor ordered! She sure knows how to brighten up a room and take all unnecessary worries least for a little while!
Time to turn in...there is a very nice & comfy bed for us to sleep in right here in the Macy, Love you!!

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  1. So glad that she's feeding well. I'm on the Bethany Lutheran Prayer Chain but, have already been praying for her and her entourage! Blessings and Hugs! Cindy Rolfs Kasten (became aware of you because someone shared Macy's illness on FB)