The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Feb 10, 2010

EPS Early Intervention meeting

We had the very nice ladies from the EPS Early Intervention team over again yesterday for another meeting. They said that they just love coming over to see little Miss Macy, which I thought was very sweet. Here's is a picture a few of them looking at a sleeping Macy in the bassinet :-)Geesh, there sure are a lot of hoops and lots of paperwork and "assessment" stuff to go through in order for a child to qualify for this program. I understand, but it is still all very annoying and tedious. We've set up a plan to have them come to the house once a week. Together, we've established a few short term goals for Macy.
Basically to develop skills which improve her ability to interact with the people and items in her immediate environment through, moving, reaching, and playing, etc... A few of the (6 month) objectives are having her hold her head steady while we support her upper body, lifting her head while placed on her tummy, batting at objects dangling in front of her and raising her head to be in line with her shoulders when assisted into sitting, etc.
All of these minor milestones are taken for granted by parents of "normal/healthy" babies. And these are the types of milestones that are rarely celebrated and do not per-se make the scrapbook. (I suppose I should not speak for other people, but I know this was pretty much the case for our oldest daughter McKenzie) Of course most babies will achieve these goals on their own, in due time. But for us, we need to be sure we give Macy as much of a headstart as we can in order to ensure she simply has the best quality of life possible. That's all.
Joe commented with a chuckle at how funny it is that we are enrolling Macy into school before her big sister McKenzie. It is strange!
Here is just a little bit of proof that we feel Macy is already WELL ahead of the curve :-)
She loves watching and listening to her Baby Einstein "watchya-ma-call-it thingy" :-)
check out that EYE contact! She's mezmerized!
She even bats at the little ball & star every once in a while. I think it's mostly an involuntary type movement, but I still celebrate and give her a high five!! :-)
This is Renee, one of Macy's service providers from the EPS Early Intervention team. She's very sweet :-)

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