The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Feb 27, 2010

Dinner Party with Leonard

Joe stopped by our friend Leonard's house in Fremont on the way back into town (Joe's been gone for a few days for work) and brought him over for dinner last night. I was looking forward to having a "dinner party". Being that Leonard is Catholic and it is Lenten season, I had to think outside the box for dinner. I cooked up some Parmesan Encrusted Talapia with couscous, hush puppies and salad on the side. Leonard brought a delightful Australian Chardonnay - which was EXACTLY what I needed. :-) Thanks!! yeah - you try getting a 2&1/2 year old to hold still for a photo...ha!

I also very much appreciated the conversation. I had been having a rough couple of days, so after keeping some emotions bottled up, I sort of broke down in a moment of weakness. It didn't help that McKenzie was being a pill all afternoon and Macy has been a bit more "needy" as of late. It felt good to talk with Leonard. He's been a good friend to Joe and I and is a great listener, I also appreciate his kind words and insight. Plus, sometimes you've gotta just let the "waterworks" flow. It is sort of refreshing actually!
Macy sticking her tongue out at daddy. :-) That's not very nice...
McKenzie wanted to show off some of her ice skating skills. It was Leonard's idea for her to put that fancy ribbon on her head. Good call! oh & this shirt was a gift for Macy from a TV rep I work with. Ch. 8 in Des Moines, IA - KCCI. It doesn't quite fit Macy yet, but McKenzie wanted to try it on for size :-) it says "future 8 watcher".
The family dog always has to be included in the fun.
Toby was especially in need of some attention yesterday morning during Macy's Early Intervention therapy. Renae was sitting on the floor with her binders and paper work, Toby would not leave her alone and insisted on sitting right on top of her stuff. Thanks goodness she like dogs, cuz, she better just get used to our white fluffy family member :-)
Doesn't this big (or should I say regular sized) blanket make Macy look teeeny! :-)
Speaking of Macy being Teeny, I thought I'd share her current stats.
According to the Down Syndrome Growth Chart she is in the 10th percentile for length, in the 20th percentile for weight and 30th percentile for head circumference. Not sure how significant these "percentiles" are in general, but thought I'd share none-the-less.
We are pretty excited about Gayle flying in tonight. She will be coming into town especially for Macy's baptism tomorrow. She is so great! Also, Jerry & Lynette called and asked to take McKenzie off our hands today so that we can get ready for the big baptismal celebration. That was very very thoughtful of them. I've got some cookin' and cleanin' to do.
I better get off this blog and get to work!
bye bye for now...can't wait to share some of our angels baptism pics with you tomorrow :-)


  1. You are amazing, I love your family blog and the love you both have for your girls and other people is outstanding. Love all your pictures and Macy is filling out and looking good. I loved MacKenzie's outfit and her performance. GOD LOVES YOU!!!!!!

  2. Tears are good and you are absolutely right....they do make you feel better! It's o.k. to let them out whenever you want and need too! The girls are absolutely beautiful and I love every picture of them. I think I need to get my blog as fancy as yours....nah, I am not as creative as you. :)
    Take care! Love ~ Angie & Graci

  3. I love this site Sherri!!! YOU have always been such an amazing person and I know you are even more of an amazing mother. I would really love to meet the girls, truly:) Your pics are great, they just make me smile! They will definitely have you joy and sweet spirit!!! Love ya! ~missy