The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Aug 9, 2011

Big Brother's Big Sister's "Match of the Month"

As you know Kylie and I have been friends for over 9 years now...and we've been selected to be BBBS's "match of the month" for August.  How fun is that?!  As part of this honor we were featured on a TV News story on WOWT Ch. 6 today.  (we'll also have an article and photo in the upcoming newsletter - that might be another post).

We were contemplating where to do the shoot (you know - to get some good b-roll)...but, it only seemed appropriate to have our interview take place at the news station as she just happened to be leaving for college in a few days, and just happens to be majoring in Broadcast Journalism!  She toured KETV with me a few years back, when I used to work there  :-)  But she has not been to WOWT yet.  So this was perfect!
I very much appreciate anchor, Jim Seidecki, for giving us a tour of the station.  He really took his time walking us all around and showing us the ins and outs.  I feel as though he made an extra effort to explain everything thoroughly, knowing this was an area of study that Kylie will be pursuing at ASU soon.
Click on this link to see the story as it aired earlier today.

Such a fun morning!
I snagged a few screen-shots from the interview (so that a few images print to the blog book :-)
 video of me snapping a few pics with my iPhone cam. HA!
 it felt awkward being on THIS side of the camera...I'm used to being the interviewER not the intervieWEE.
 takin' a tour of the news room
 Kylie sitting behind the news desk and reading from the teleprompter
 This girl's a natural!  She has such a crisp and clear sound to her voice.  I could tell that Mr. Seidlecki was quite impressed with her skills as well.  She was calm, cool, relaxed and read the news like a pro   :-)
 Had to pose for a quick pic behind the news desk. hehe
Such a fun time, glad we got to do this!

oh & the girls had a cameo in the story too  :-)
This pic was taken at her graduation party.

Kylie came over and spent the day with me and the girls a couple weeks ago.  We had a LOT of catching up to do, especially since she was about to leave for college. 
We ate a yummy lunch at El'Bee's.  Kylie's phone takes pretty good pics!
And, yes.  I allowed McKenzie to leave the house looking like this.  It was a "pick your battles" kind of day.  And quite frankly, I just didn't have the energy to fight over outfits or hair styles...
so.  I.  Didn't. 
She looks wonderful right??  :-)

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  1. Congrats Sherri, that's a long time to be friends! I got a "Little Sister" about a year ago and have loved the experience. I hope we're able to stay in contact as long as you two have! -Nickie