The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Aug 9, 2011

Sister for Sale

It's been one of those days! errrrgh  Growing up can be so rough!
Silly Macy borrowed some markers and snuck this sign into the picture when big sis wasn't looking.  Gotta appreciate her entrepreneurial spirit!
serious inquiries only
 I thought she might have be on to something, so I took the liberty of adjusting the sale price from $5.00 to "will take first offer".
Lucky for Macy, her amazing cousin Erika stopped by the house, and bought McKenzie's love & affection with a new pair of jeans (the way to any girls heart right?).  She then proceeded to put her in her car and take her to her house...I'm not gonna lie...I LOVE McKenzie...but It was SOOO nice to get rid of the whiny 4 year old for an entire afternoon.  Macy enjoyed some peace and FREE access to all toys without the bully big sis messing with her & constantly stealing them away  :-)

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