The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Aug 22, 2011

Warrior Dash!

On Saturday, Gayle competed in the Warrior Dash at Copper Mountain Ski Resort.  It was absolutely, the most crazy atmosphere I had ever been in. She was rock star for having gone through it!
Below was the 3.1 mile (5K) route.  This would be super challenging no matter what, but especially at this high of elevation, where the air is thin.

 Gayle, Melissa & Michelle at the starting line...all smiles, but probably a little nervous too!
 Gayle right before the race...thinking "what the hell did I get myself into".  hehe
 about a mile into the race...making her way down a hill and approaching the mud pit!
 That's her in the white shirt making her way through "Muddy Mayhem"...they had to stay low as to not get cut up in the barbed wire above them.

 caught a good shot of this girl near the finish of the race.
Gayle, jut past the "Warrior Roast" where she had to leap through flames...Still smilin'!!
lookin' pretty good for having just ran 3.1 miles.
 Melissa, Michelle & Gayle

 Gayle and me...notice I''m not really touching her.  hehe
 Muddy Messes
 Joe & Gayle
 Dave & Gayle
 The shoe donation pile got bigger and BIGGER as the day went on!
here's Gayle tossin' her kicks into the pile

 view of the madness down below from the condo patio.  It was nice to be up away from the craziness for a bit, while still being able to enjoy it.
 That's another one of Gayle's friends, Becky, in the middle.  ha!
 Firemen.  they brought a gurney...haha  too funny!

 two people running through the flames
ninja turtles take a leap.  All the costumes and get-ups were hilarious and unique.  The creativeness ranged from brides dresses, to 3-piece suits, where's waldos, Warriors, nuns, the list goes on!

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