The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Aug 15, 2011

DSA event at Wenninhoff Farm!

We were invited out to Wenninghoff Farm to meet "Samantha", their special needs miniature horse.

Amy W. said it best on her invite:  "Shortly after birth, her mother accidentally stepped on her. She looks a bit different, but she experiences no pain or arthritis. Just like our special needs son, she has amazed us with her abilities rather than her disabilities."

wonderfully put.

 We had a great time and the weather was PERFECT!
 Macy...face-to-face with the sweet Samantha.  McKenzie watched cautiously from a distance  :)
"here chicken chicken chicken"  
She was very much enjoying them right up until that nasty rooster snuck up, nipped at and "Cocka-doodle-DOOO'd" a the chicken causing it to "bock, bock, BA-GOCK"! loudly.  Macy kept her distance from that point on.  MEAN rooster  :-(
 Her feet had 50 pound weights standing on that gravel.  Wasn't too sure about this new surface...
 The beautiful Bailey getting a purple daisy painted onto her sweet face  :-)  This day was her first day of first grade!
 Checkin' out her cheeks.
 Kenzie's turn.  "Pink butterfly please", she said nicely to the lady.  She sat so still and did not move her face on bit.
 taking it very seriously...don't crack a smile, she thought to herself...must.  stay.  still.
 I'd say she was quite satisfied with the finished product  :-)
 throwing a bean bag through the hole and right at Grandpa's face...little did he know at that point that she has great aim and a fierce arm.  lesson learned.
 waitin' in line for the ponies.
 Macy, Grandma & Grandpa watchin' big sis go round & round.
 first time on a pony...when these furry friends visited her pre-school she wanted nothing to do with them.  She warmed up nicely to them that night  :-)

 While it may not appear to be the case, she was having a super fun time.  She told me that she really liked riding the small horses and can't wait to do it again soon  :-)
 Macy getting ready for her turn.
 Grandma Lee gives her a boost and gets her saddled far so good.
 2.3 seconds later, she's like "what???, get me OFF this thang!"
 2nd times a charm?  not so much...
 oh geez...if that's not the look of terror I don't know what is?
 poor baby...poor poor baby.  We won't try that again for a while, I promise.  MEAN mean mommy  :-(  hehe
 such a sweet father/daughter picture.
 perhaps when Macy is her age she will be a little more brave  :)
 Grandpa Lee seems to think he can sweet talk her onto the pony.  Okay, old man.  If you think so.  I wouldn't doubt it, they really do have a special bond and trust between them...
 No-Go Grandpa!  better luck next time.
 Macy chattin with her good friend Eisley.
 Is she a sweet thing or what!?  just love her  :-)
 An attempt at some mommy & Macy pics.

 glad she's a good sport and doesn't mind playing along.
 trying to get McKenzie to stand still for two seconds is a whole 'nother story.
 Pay no attention to the crazy man in the corn...does Macy look annoyed or what.  HA!
 I think this is the best I'm gonna get.  It'll do  :-)
 Her and Grandpa were playing hide-n-seek.  fun times!
 a sweet Grandma Lee & Macy moment

 she is beat and ready to "call it a night".  AAAWWWW!
As you can see, Macy was not too amused by this scary old man sitting out front of the barn.  
"Ain't no way you gonna get me to sit on that dudes lap.  huh uh!!!"  
I'm pretty sure this is how her "Santa Clause photo-op" is going to go this Christmas also.  I won't be getting my hopes up that's for sure!

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