The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Aug 22, 2011

Estes Park Photos

We have returned from our "mommy & daddy" retreat to Estes Park, CO....Here are some pics  :-)
 Hike around Bear Lake
 It was a beautiful 80 degree day.  Even with a few sprinkles which were actually quite refreshing.
 Driving past the Stanley Hotel (which is very close to Gayle's mountain home)
 Some baby deer hanging out near Gayle's place.
 Hiking up (or actually down) to Alberta Falls
 Alberta Falls...awesome!  Can you spot Joe way up there?
 Pretty Aspen trees
 I just love watching all the ground squirrels at play
 Ha!  This silly little guy is trying to sneak into Joe's backpack!
 We have to pose in our usual spot  :-)

This guy was painting a mural on the outside wall of Case Grande.  Very cool!  we checking in on him later in the day and he had already made significant progress.
 Golf at Lake Estes Golf Club
We tied  :)
 The start of our sunrise rise drive through Rocky Mountain National Park!  It was amazing.
 Nice Joe...I was trying to get a cool "shadow shot"...and here's what he does.  
That's my husband for ya!
 Not sure what this animal is, but there were lots up there...had to take a few pics.

 Our sweet ride for the week.  Thanks Gayle!
 The road to this stretch of Trail Ridge Road is closed much of the year, due to being impassable with snow.  Not today  :-)
 Well hello there fella.  Don't mind us.  Just take your time why don'tchya!
We got our Elk fix...there were 20 or so grazing in the meadows up here...awesome sight!
 More Elk basking in the sunlight.
 We have reached the Continental Divide...which means we have crossed the line of the highest peaks.  Fascinating.
 It's a little chilly this high up, at this time in the morning...but we still refuse to put the top up  :-)
 We traveled all the way through Rocky Mountain National Park and drove past Grand Lak.
 Very cool village on the lake
 Next we drove through Lake Grandby.

 We have arrived at today's destination, Copper Mountain, where Gayle is competing in the "Warrior Dash" (that's another post). It is very cool to see the snowless ski mountain in the summer months.
After a long and very exciting day, we headed back down the mountain en route to Gayle's place in Littleton (where we stayed for the night)...but not before making a stop in Idaho Springs to eat at the BEST pizza place ever...Beau Jo's.  If you're ever in the area, I highly recommend it.  :-)

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  1. I lived on BeauJo's when I went to CSU. Best pizza ever! Looks like you guys had a fun trip!