The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jun 22, 2012

2012 1st Annual Buddy Run!!

On the morning of McKenzie's B-Day Party, me and a couple hundred of our closest friends, ventured down to Zorinsky Lake to participate in the first annual DSA 5K - BUDDY RUN!!  It was a gorgeous (slightly cool) morning, perfect for a 3.2 mile run (or in my case JOG) :-)
I've been training with our "Run for God" group for a few months & all I wanted to do was finish the MY race...not walk...and try to keep close to a 10 minute mile pace.
Mission accomplished  :-)
I have a couple more 5K's I'll be setting out on this summer...woot woot.
Our whole group  :-)  Lauren, Lisa, Chad, Heather, Joe, Me, Jessica, Ja & Bethany
A BIG thanks to ALL you guys for coming out and showing your support for our local Down Syndrome Community.  It is very much appreciated  :-)
me & my sistas  :-)
Lauren - thanks SOO much coming for coming to race with us.  She was actually registered for the race long before I was!  btw - I love what you've done with your Buddy Walk shirt.  It was "pinterest" inspired  :-)
just got up a HUGE hill just past the 2 mile mark...almost done! 
Joe giving his buddy Vollen a high five...thanks Casie for these pics  :-)
I love Roberta's Superman SOCKS!!!  see the capes.  hehe  she's running in support of her cutie-pie Brooklyn
Stephanie and Brayden just getting up that same hill.
My dear friend Stephanie was a champ.  She ran the whole way pushing her 5-yr old (and not so small anymore) Brayden.  I was inspired by her strength and courage to even show up for the race.
She lost her baby girl (who was just shy of turning 1 year old) a few months ago, and came out to run
In Memory of sweet Sophie
I was so glad to see that they had a great show of support  :-)
Go Andrew Go!  He did an awesome job and ran the whole race  :-)

JA finishing strong - or as Buffy captioned her pic "J. Harnisch #1"
Another one of Buffy's pics...this is Joe, but she labeled it "J. Harnisch #2".  love it!
Casie (who I stole most of these pics from) and her little stud Vollen!
Me and Andrew at the end of the race.  I am so proud of him.  He truly is a SUPER STAR!!
What a fun time...we are already excited and looking forward to next years' race  :)
Little Miss Macy Lee...
Love you forever and ever and ever.
We are all SOOO blessed to have you in our lives.  You make every day just a shade brighter. 
I could not be any prouder of the beautiful, sweet, smart & funny lady you are becoming.  
Keep it up!
Bloom baby bloom  :-) 

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