The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jun 22, 2012

"The Journey Begins". By John Eggen

Gotta love it! Our group is chillin' at our gate...waiting to board & John's already published his first blog post. Ha! I thought he was being a little "uncharacteristically" quiet over there. :) LOVE IT!
Check out what he has to say about the START of our trip here on HIS BLOG
June 22, 2012 - 1:54pm - jeggen
The Kaya team journey has officially begun. 
We are checked in, through security and waiting at the airport for our 2:35 flight out of Omaha headed to La Paz tomorrow and will arrive at about 4:30 Central Time via Chicago and Miami. Please continue to pray for safe and smooth travel for our team there. Thanks to everyone for your support for our team. We know you are praying for us and can feel your prayers. Two prayers that have already been answered... Scott Gray and I both have exit row seating from Omaha to La Paz! I'm so excited at the possibility of having more than 0.01" of leg room and avoiding the inevitable person in front of you who thinks their seat won't recline because it is broken, not because my knees are in its way. Tomorrow morning we will get into Hotel Calacoto and get about 4 hours of time to rest. After that we are headed up to the homes to visit the boys in the permanent homes. Certainly a little time playing soccer. It promises to be a fun start to a great trip. The kids have the week off school so we have some extra time together and a chance to do some special activities... more about that later. Some may be a surprise, even to our team. I'm excited to reconnect with our kids, meet some new ones, share the story of Kaya and introduce them to Bolivia. One of the scriptures we will focus on during our time in Bolivia is Philippians 2:1-11. It's where we read in a dense form what the incarnation means and our challenge to replicate that in our lives. As you join us in prayer for the week take time and engage in the scripture. Listen to how God might be leading you to follow some of these same things in your own life. Pray for us as we do our best to live it out. Blessings -John

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