The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jun 18, 2012

Morning Beauty - TELL PEOPLE HOW YOU

Summer is officially in FULL SWING! 
And much like everyone else's, we are BUSY, on the run and NEVER home.  I love it  :-)
I am certain that the girls' favorite part of this blessed season are the randomness of our days.  So far, no two days have been alike.  Kenzie finds joy in going over our daily agenda at breakfast each morning

Big sis, who is now 5!! (that b-day party post is soon to come) loves sleepovers and has already had lots of them.
With Grandmas & Grandpas, cousins & friends.  They love this special time away from home!  And are getting quite used to living out of a suitcase. 
Is it sad, that whenever we leave somewhere, Macy tries to go home with everyone else but us?  She'll follow them right out the door, dragging her over-sized suitcase behind her.  Almost disappointed when she doesn't see HER carseat in their vehicle.  hehe

A few weeks ago I snapped this pic of cousin Anna right when she arose from slumber at our house...I, for some reason, was having a deeply emotional & reflective morning.
All three of us big girls fell asleep on the couch in the living room! ssshhhhh....don't tell Joe, he's out of town. hehe I was still snoozing & Kenzie walked over to Anna's side. I heard her quietly whisper "Anna...Anna...wake mom's morning, and we're still on the couch..." this followed by giggle giggle chuckle. Looks like I'm awake now too! Anna proceeded to fill my ear with excitement over her new pajamas and some story about a favorite blanket that she always sleeps with, but forgot at home. I asked if she missed it, and she said "not last night" smile. :-) Early in the morning, sweet Anna has the most beautiful, almost British accent. it's super cute. Also - I got lost gazing into those beautiful "first-thing-in-the-morning-eyes". The sun was hitting them JUST RIGHT! WOW! I found myself almost jealous how easy beauty comes to this girl. I love how her long eye lashes are a tangled mess. I love how her eyes are a stunning mixture of blue & brown. I love her teeny chin dimples. I love her tangled hair all up in her face. Mid-sentence...I instructed Anna to NOT move an inch. I ran to my office, got my camera and snapped a quick pic. 
For some reason...
There's no way I wanted to forget how precious this girl looked to me on this special morning of May 19th, 2012.  
I love Anna-Banana! :-)

Not sure why...but I had this realization this morning. Tell people how you feel. If something's on your mind...TELL THEM! Now. Not later. Later is too late & you might forget the specifics that were on your mind at that very moment. So, for some reason (despite being late for school drop-off) that's what I did here....

then literally, seconds after posting that an eerie twist of fate...

I received a message from a friend in our Down Syndrome Mom's group that baby Jack, who lives here in Omaha & was almost 2 years old, had passed away in his sleep late last night.  Heartbreaking.  Another sad sad day for our Omaha Down Syndrome Community. 

At that moment, Chills were sent UP and DOWN my spine. 

My heart is heavy for his parents Cindy and David.  I can't even begin to imagine their immeasurable grief.  

You just never know when your time or the time with a loved one is up. 

A pic of Kenzie's "just outta-bed" face.
I can tell she slept good and hard that night before...I can tell by how her pillow left those DEFINED lines and creases on her face.  :-)
MY Morning beauty.  :-)

That same day, we went to a Special Olympics swim meet and Kenzie & Macy had their good buddy Logan over to play!
It was all about princesses and mermaids that day.  Quite the imagination these girlies have!
is she stunning or what?

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