The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jun 8, 2012

STITCHES...the morning after...

As I shared in my previous blog post...Macy got stitches!  
She had an unfortunate run-in with a swing...
Our feisty little booger didn't exactly follow docs strict orders of leaving her bandages alone. Check out her new morning-after hair-doo. LOVELY
I had to take lots of pictures since her daddy was out of town...she happily obliged.  :)
UH OH!...busted...
here's a closer look at that hair!
a close-up look at the wound - and the Petechiae that developed as a result from crying so hard. :-( looks like she has freckles now...only lasted a couple weeks

showing off the fancy sticker STUCK to her back.  oops.  someone forgot to take that off before bedtime...
I told her "no touch, hands down".
Mommy's little poser
 As you can see...our brave girl is going to be JUST fine!  :-)  
Now don't play IN FRONT of swings next time!

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