The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jun 8, 2012


swing=1 vs. Macy=0

Not a great way to end a pretty great day.  :-( 

There's a first time for everything right??

After a busy day (competing in the Special Olympics, ballet & Tap class, cousin Mason's B-Day party, fun time at My Gym, two graduation parties, oh & Joe was out of town in Estes)...The girls and I were wiped out and ready to crash...
but this was NOT going to happen exactly as we had planned.

Macy, while at the neighbors graduation party, (we were SOO close to being DONE with our day) had an unfortunate run-in with a swing (big sis was VERY sorry & has since learned an important lesson in swing flinging)...Macy took a pretty good hit to the head, gushing blood ensued, which resulted a trip to Children's Urgent Care. 
Since Joe was out of town -he and Ja were in Estes...I did what any "self-respecting" mom would do...snapped a quick pic of the wound and texted it to Aunt Lisa (paramedic).  "Lisa, WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOUR KID HAD THIS ON HER HEAD?!?"  She advised me get it taken care of.  Thank God for sisters!
Upon arrival Macy was having a good old time.
being all silly & goofy.
The nurse brought in a we were all good to
no rush to go anywhere...this is pretty much how we planned to spend our evening anyways...just had a different LOCATION in mind.  :-)
 Yep...10 hours post race...and the girls are STILL donning there gold medals.  Needless to say they were a little proud.  :-)
Erika & Jonathon came to help us out.  I think Macy's teaching her a few signs...
It was a GOOD thing they came too...In the rush to get out of the house, I left my wallet sitting on the kitchen table (great place for it huh?).  They wouldn't have been able to treat Macy without my ID & insurance card.  geeesh!  So Erika & Jonathon ran home and got it for me.  :-)
Do you think Macy's in heaven here?
kisses for Jonathon
Okay, now I think she's really just "milking" it.  hehe
bragging to her sister, that cousin Erika's boyfriend came ALL THE WAY here JUST FOR HER.  :-)
The moments that followed were a bit less fun and a bit more excruciating.  Longest ten minutes EVER!  Doc enters room, Doc & nurse restrain child (arms legs, head), covers face with towel, mom right there, trying to calm her. But nothing would do, she was down right belligerent!  She cried so hard that she had a yucky red-dotted rash (Petechia) all over her face. Doc said it will stick around for a few weeks. poor dear :-(  It has since cleared up.  
I know she wasn't in any pain...they numbed her up pretty good...she just did not care for being restrained, blinded & poked & prodded.  I don't blame her.

She mastered the word "down" in those 10 minutes - probably said it over hundred times.  Experimented with a few different deliveries.  When mad & furious was getting her nowhere, she changed her tone to sweet & kind.  went back & forth...Neither worked, so she eventually changed back to plain old sad. 
It was funny, sad & pathetic all at the same time.  Is it bad that I was proud/impressed by her wide range of voice inflection capabilities?

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