The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jun 14, 2012

Last day of school!

The girls' last day at Bethany Lutheran Preschool was back in mid-May.  tear.
Here are a couple cards I made to go along with all the teacher appreciation gifts.
In case you can't read the's what Macy's read:   

"Dear Linda, Paula, Lynn & Becky,
Words can not adequately express my gratitude for how you have cared for, taught and LOVED our Little Miss Macy this year.  As though she were your own! You welcomed and embraced her with open arms, and for this we will be forever grateful! 
To be honest, we were somewhat worried at the beginning of the year.  Not quite certain how she would do in a classroom with “typically” developing peers. 
Luckily, it did not take long for our eyes to open and realize that she was going to be just fine.  We had nothing to worry about!  And we have you all to thank for that! 
While she got along SO well and enjoyed every moment, we know that you had to take extra time and have a little extra patience with her.   One thing, I am particularly thankful for, is how well she holds hands and stays by me
when walking from place to place.  This skill was especially practiced and enforced with
your class.  

Macy lights up in your presence, and watching her march confidently into your classroom (like she owns the place sometimes) quite simply makes my heart melt.  So happy it hurts!
Macy is going to miss you over the summer, But is already looking forward to next year!!
Much love & appreciation"

"Dear Mrs. Shipe,
I’m not sure if you are aware of just how much of a BIG DEAL you are?   McKenzie could not be ANY more excited to call you her teacher and most importantly her friend.  You are truly an amazing person who has an incredible ability to connect with and engage our kiddos.  Our little Miss McKenzie is most certainly not the easiest girl to get through to...but if anyone could do it,
I am just blown away at how much my sweet girl admires, looks up to and respects you.  She talks about and prays for you all the time! 
She is going to miss you dearly when she goes off to Kindergarten next year.  But she is comforted to know that she will still see your smiley face at church!

Sue - I want, from the bottom of my heart, to THANK YOU for caring for, loving and teaching my daughter as though she were your own!  It brought me so much comfort to know she had YOU looking out for her all year.  Thanks for helping McKenzie bloom into the bright young girl that she is today!

Kenzie running over to me on her LAST day of preschool!
McKenzie and Mrs. Shipe  :-)  Bless her heart.  She had such a tough time this week - lots of tears.  saying goodbye to all her kiddos for the summer was hard for her.  I can tell she just loves them all SO MUCH!
Macy struttin' her stuff.  nothin' new here.
walkin' with her usual SWAGGER
We had Anna with us on that last night & day before school.  Kind of a special treat for the girls  :-)

It was also MY last week of school too. 
I made it through the entire semester of "Disability Theology" class over at Midland University.  Near perfect attendance.  hehe.
The girls enjoyed taking advantage of the "Grandpa Share Program".
Grandpa Harnisch watched them during class on Mondays...while Grandpa Lee watched them during class on Fridays. It worked out SOOO perfectly!!

On the FINAL day of school, all us kids, along with Brook & Ally, met up with G & G Lee for a fancy Pizza buffet lunch.  Brook looks STUFFED.
Do you think Grandpa's feeling the love yet?  He doesn't get much of a break when the grandkid are around. They LOVE  him!  :-)

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