The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jun 22, 2012

Dance recital PICTURE Day

There's a first time for this case, Anna & Kenzie get all dolled up for dance recital picture day...but the hardest part (for me) was MAKE-UP. eeeek! my baby girl is wearing make-up?!...tear. 

The girls were posing DIVA's!   and I loved it  :-)
her momma snapping a quick pic on her iPhone.
They choreographed quite the routine during that 5 minute front porch photo session.
whoa.  this one leaves me speechless.
At the dance studio...I was off to side, while the "real" photo took his pics.
This was the "Whistle While you Work" ensemble.  A tap number
 I didn't get pics of her just yet in her other "ballet" costume.  Those will come later...some time after my Bolivia trip.  :-)

 Cousin Ally stopped over on her Dance Recital day...and of course I HAD to snap a couple quick pics of her too  :-)  AAAAWWWWW!
 There I think I piled enough OLD pics to the blog.  I'm now ready to board my plane :-)

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