The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jun 22, 2012

McKenzie's 5th Birthday Party!

I can think of a hundred things I probably SHOULD be doing right not...considering I'm leaving the country in 4 hours...but I'm behind on blogging.  And I would feel badly if I didn't at least put Kenzie's 5 year B-Day party pics up before I left  :-)  I know it sounds silly, but this really will help put my mind at ease and bring my heart to peace.


After MUCH anticipation, watching & waiting as friends & cousins turned before her, kindergarten round-up, 5th Birthday party...It was an unforgettable delight to inform McKenzie of today's (June 4th) date.

Me: "Guess what today is?"
Kenzie: "What"
Me: "June 4th!"

Que the dear in the headlights look followed by an ear-to-ear smile

Kenzie: "You mean I'm 5 for real now?"

look of wonder and instant maturity ensues...tear...

I'm so proud and in love with my blue-eyed beauty. And thankful beyond measure, for this amazing angel, who five years ago today, gave me the most wonderful gift in all the world. SHE MADE ME A MOM!
The big girl club...Anna, Kenzie & Ally
Brook and his daddy swinin' on the swing  :-)
Dylan is perfecting cousin Ally's baseball swing
can't recall what this conversation between Erika & Heather was, but it must have been interesting.
Keri, Jess & Harrison
Batter up!  Colton ready to hit it out of the park.  The grandparents watch the baseball game from a safe distance up on the deck.
present time!
Macy playin' catch with someone...
hmmmm....what's next?
do you think she looks excited?  I can't tell.
She got a lot of really GREAT arts & crafts stuff :-)
She's checking out those princesses who sitting atop her cake...
imagining all the fun scenarios she can think up for them.  This girl has an amazing imagination  :-)
love this look of pure, innocent joy :-)
A familiar sight of cousins huddling around.
Uncle Ja taking turns feeding Grady & Neeley
Macy sitting comfortable next to cousin Dani...and her CAKE  :-)  hehe

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