The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Aug 31, 2012


Reason #994 why we love living close to "home"....Elkhorn is just a hop, skip & jump away when that "HOT AIR BALOON" alert call comes in from Grandma & Grandpa's house - who live just down the road in neighboring town Waterloo   :-)

A front row seat to a pretty neat (FREE) show.  :-)
Macy spotted to flames & signed "HOT"!
Grandpa trying to take Macy in for a closer look...
she approaches with caution...
she sais "huh uh old man...we are stopping here...that's HOT"!
I love watching him watch her.  :)
he likes to photograph all angles of her reactions as well.  like father like daughter I guess!
I'm gonna have to check out the pics he got...
waving and saying "hewo"
McKenzie & cousin Brook watch the hot air balloon action from a cool shady spot.
bye bye bawoons.
Macy waves bye bye as I drive away (volleyball game).
she cried for a second & then remembered "it's not so bad here".  hehe

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