The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Aug 18, 2012

Rainy Day Fort building!

Kid forts were invented to restore mommy sanity!  :-) 
Every mom should pull this out of their arsenal when their kiddos start getting bored with the "same-old-same-old".

The day started out perfectly.  The house was clean.  The House was quiet (well, cuz the girls were still snug in their beds & Joe was helping Leonard).  The sound of MUCH NEEDED rain falling outside the window.  And I was blogging.  Happily blogging.
When all of a sudden, the clock struck 7:18am, and the first girl walked LOUDLY down the stairs...asking for what else?  Food!
The troops have risen.  My quiet, peaceful blogging time is OVER.  Oh and that part about the house being clean?  Might as well kiss that visual goodbye too!

Within minutes we had fort city constructed in the toy room.  The existence of the fort mess actually allowed me to blog (THIS BLOG) for a little bit.  Not bad.  GENUIS!  It's a worthy trade off...I'll take it!
Peaceful-contentment now...clean-craziness later.

Two quotes just popped into my head: 

"A clean house is the sign of a wasted life" 

Good moms have sticky floors, messy kitchens, laundry piles, dirty ovens, and happy kids.”  Hey, we can't excel in every area in life...looks like today I am going to shine in the "happy kids" arena.  Tomorrow (there's always tomorrow), I will try to conquer in the area of time management & organization  :-)

I've been so behind on the blog and playing catch up with older posts lately, that it feels good to write a live, current one.  So live in fact that this activity is going on at the very moment that my hands are typing this post onto my iPhone.  hehe
So here's a blog from RIGHT NOW! time is I better get to typing FASTER!

recognize that princess face?  :-)
Macy knocking on the front door. "Anybody home?!"
And to think this cardboard castle was almost thrown out with the trash a few months back.  It has been collected dust downstairs since the Christmas season...GOOD SAVE!
She thinks her big sis is the coolest thing since sliced bread.

And to think!  When Miss Macy was born we were worried.  Worried that she and her big sis wouldn't bond the way sisters are supposed.  Wouldn't be the same kind of "friends" I was with my own big sisters.
Oh how wrong were we!?!  And, sometimes, it feels GOOD to be WRONG  :-)
Having sooo much fun in her new house.
"NO MOMMIES ALOUD!!!"   "Go on...GIT!"
and the door slams.   love the fingers.  ouchie!  Well, if it weren't a cardboard house, some tears would be flowing for sure.
"soo roomy & quite spacious"
Macy gets a special visitor.
McKenzie doing some interior decorating (markered-walls are the next big thing)
Kenzie paints...Macy pretends...Toby resorts back to his "neighborhood watch" duties.
In the two or so hours that have past since starting to write this post...the floors of the castle have been carpeted with 10+ blankets.  And a uhual sized load of toys have filled this little space quite nicely.  Oh and the exterior has received a paint (marker) job - improves the curb appeal tremendously!  To the "play" house...not mommy's "real" house so much.  :(
It looks like time out...but she is spying on her big sis through the window.  hehe
takin' a snack break
and assisting Toby with his Neighborhood watch duties.
when her fingers aren't fast enough..she skips the middle man and just dumps directly into her pie-hole.  resourceful really.
uh oh!  Look what mommy caught on camera.  BUSTED!  now pick those up you little stinker.  :-(  What a MESS!
Looks like mommy blogging time is over.

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