The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Aug 13, 2012

Cousin Mason's B-day Party @ MY GYM!

Cousin Mason turned 5!  
He invited us, along with lots of his friends to his really fun Birthday Party at My Gym.  The girls LOVED IT!!

His party was on the same day as Macy's first Special Olympics Race.  Oh & the same day as her run in with the swing which resulted in her first (and hopefully last) experience with stitches.  Read about it here & here.

But, back to Mason's party!!
The Birthday Boy gets to go first!
getting started with some circle-time stretching  :-)
cousin Harrison hanging on the big boy bar.  I think his mom looks just a little proud  :)
loving the trampoline!
watching big sis..."anything you can do I can do better".  :-)
seeing her hang on the bar for the first time was a riot!  She is a NATURAL!  She held on SUPER tight, stuck her legs out into the pike position and held her pose for a LONG time!!
Go Macy Go!
needless to say, I was impressed.  It takes a LOT of core strength to hold this position on the bar.  she even pointed her toes at times.  atta girl!
All party-goers...well...the big kids who were willing to sit still long enough for the picture any way.  Make note of Macy, Neely & Grady's absence.  hehe

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