The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Aug 28, 2012

"MACY" PAINTING at Zach's house!

Macy spotted her buddy Zach outside having some fun with Sidewalk paint...of course she wanted to JOIN IN THE FUN!!!

What started out as clean innocent "driveway" art fun...quickly turned into an all out Macy-Mess-Fest!  Yikes. 
So...let's start with the "after" pics...
"What?"  "I really don't understand what all the fuss is about??"
"I was just having a little fun"
"perhaps my fun got a little out of hand"  :-(
"UH OH!!!"
At least it was "her" color!  :-)

And's some "during" shots I got with my iPhone...
brush brush
she's working so hard!
"oops.  Missed a spot!"  Almost forgot the BOTTOM of her foot.  Heaven forbid she leaves an ounce of skin unpainted.
ta da!

Below is a brief video captured at the scene.  This fun lasted a good hour!  Grandpa Lee would be proud.  She knows he's ALWAYS up for a good mess.  hehe

Thanks Zach for sharing your paints with Macy...sorry Dergan family for the HUGE mess in your driveway.
Better yours than mine.  hehe    j.k.

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