The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Aug 13, 2012

Summer so far

Now that summer is almost over...I thought I should start blogging about it.  I'm a tad-bit behind.  :-)

Aside from a few sickness setbacks, it has been an AWESOME and fun-filled summer.
Despite the unplanned doctor's office and ER visits due to RSV, Viral Infections, Croup, oh and the occasional bouts of labored breathing, running noses, water eyes, fevers and coughs, etc...we still managed to squeeze in lots of fun!

Ain't nothin' gonna hold these girls down!

Outdoor activities were held to a minimum this summer as a result of the HOT HOT temps.  We tried to find creative indoor stuff to do.
We did have fun touring local city playgrounds and splashparks (usually short morning outings)...a handful of playdates and summer story-times at local libraries...I don't have many pictures of all our random outings, as I left my camera home most of the time...I new chasing Macy around would keep me busy enough.  :-/
I even left the camera home when we went to the zoo and children's museum.  It was HARD for me not to have it...but it also felt good (almost freeing) to just relax and truly ENJOY the moments with my little's.  But I sit here, weeks later, blogging and trying to recall those moments, I am somewhat sad.  Lost.  I feel like I have nothing to show for those day.  :-(  hmmpfh.

"We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect." --Anais Nin 

I'd say the same theory applies to picture taking.  I have a passion for snapping photos of everyday occurrences from creative angles and perspectives, to later being delighted to discover the beauty & wonder that is captured. Forever frozen in time in the form of still frame images.  I guess you could say I’m obsessed with weaving pictures and words to tell a story, our story.  We all have a story, each one deserves to be shared.

oh goes on!

I was able to steal a few pics from my friend Casie's blog though (she always has her camera!).  :-)
me and Vollen at a splash park near their house
Both Sophie and McKenzie start Kindergarten this year!!!  (tomorrow actually for Miss Kenzie)
Macy and Ronan drinking from the fountain.  eeeew.
they both think they're SOOO funny!
I was PRETENDING to join in.
This was at one of the Down Syndrome Alliance story-times at Barnes & Nobles.  PAJAMARAMA!
I love how Vollen just HAD to be up next to the story-teller.  He was helping to animate the tale.  :-)
crafting afterward.

Thanks Casie, for taking (and letting me steal) these pics  :-)

btw - check out the blog post she made yesterday...of Saturday's DS Mom's Coffee.  It was awesome!!  We learned more about a local organization called Angel Guardians.  And she tells all about it here.

oh my goodness...I just located a few more pics that casie took at an earlier "pajamarama" at Barnes & Nobles.  They were reading if you give a Mouse a Cookie.  Which was PERFECT!  Because the kiddos were reading and learning ALL about this that whole month at Little Leaf Learning Center.  Kim made it part of their curriculum.
needless to say...she was NOT a fan of the mouse!
but she was a fan of the cookie afterwards.
after sorting through some old pics...turns out I did actually take my own camera to this event.  here are my shots.  hehe
It was impressive how this lady kept going with her story despite the crazy antics of a few select "animated" & "overly involved" individuals.  :-)
I love the look on Macy's face as Vollen, so lovingly, puts his arms around her.
girl friend loves herself some glue stick!
Macy and her good buddy Eisley working on a craft project.

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