The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Aug 13, 2012


Preparations began early for McKenzie's first Dance recital. 
Curling hair and make-up is most certainly NOT part of Kenzie's every day routine!
I think a few pictures with mom before leaving the house ARE in order  :-)
me and my pretty girls on recital day  :-)
Macy wasn't cooperating much..."why don't IIIIII get to wear make-up and have MYYYY hair curled"!!!!  It's not Fair!!

Next we had to swing by cousin Anna's house and get my costumes  :-)
yep, a few pictures on her porch before we left were in order too!
arriving at Central H.S. for the recital!!  :-)
we arrived early enough for our girls to check out the dressing room...before it was a crazy place filled with dancers.
 Not sure what the girls liked more?  The dancing on stage in front of a packed house?  Or the dressing room?  I'd say it was a toss-up.
It's always hard to get good "stage" photos....but I tried.  :-)
I was SOO proud of how my sweet girl performed.  Sometimes a STEP AHEAD...sometimes a STEP BEHIND...but she did ALL the moves.  And I was super impressed with her skills  :-)

posing for a quick pic with their favorite dance teacher...Miss Kathy...before going in.  :-)
here's what 15 little girls backstage, trying to pass time while coloring looks like.  :-)
yep...I was a part-time stage mom.
costume change...make up touched up!  ready for dance #2!

the girls waiting paitently back stage.  it was cool that they were able to view the live stage on a TV Monitor back stage.  (well, below stage)
After the recital...we conveniently approached Elkhorn @ 10pm...on the dot.  The EXACT time that the FIRST "Elkhorn Days" firework was set off!  We pulled the car over near 192nd & Dodge and watched the entire show.  It was perfect!  :-)

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