The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jul 8, 2011

4th of July Party at the Ringlings!

We had a great time at Terry & Linde's 4th of July Party!  McKenzie was a waterbug and swam the entire time  :-)  Macy was diggin' it too!  The water at Valley Shores was perfect...not too hot...not too cold...PERFECTLY REFRESHING!
 oops.  Kenzie kicked water at Mommy's camera.  Big no no right!?  Well, I didn't yell out her because it turned out to be a pretty sweet shot, so I couldn't be too mad.  hehe  :-)
 Macy loved the crystal clear water and soft sand between her toes.
 Charlie & McKenzie go for a short ride in the tube...
 Leah giving them a twist and shake!
btw - she just found out...she's having a GIRL  :-)  Charlie's going to have a SISTER!!
 Macy watchin' the big kids..."someday" she thinks to herself.  "Someday soon I'll get out into the deep end with those guys!"
 Joe and Chad watchin' the kiddos from the dock.
 Little Diva Macy sportin' big sister's shades.
 I went skiing!
 My graceful finish as Terry swung me into the cove...
 ta da.
 I know, I'm a dork...but I've gotta take advantage of any photo-op I can get.  I'm rarely on THIS side of the lense...
Emily, Olivia and Macy searching for seashells.  They came up short I'm afraid...
 Macy was NOT diggin' this dolphin.  Get ME off of HERE!
 Angie's little guy jumping off the dock.
 McKenzie got brave and wanted to jump off just like those other big kids.
 What you probably can't tell by looking at this picture, however, is that she is jumping into knee deep water...hey, it's start though!  You go girl  :-)

 Ha!  Charlie jumping off of the 6 foot or so high retaining wall.  YIKES!  
"watch out below!"
His mommy and daddy were especially pleased to watch him plummet down into the sand especially due to the fact that they JUST finished giving him a bath.  ha!  What er ya gonna go?? 
Thank you Ringling Family for yet again, another fun party of the 4th!  I hope we are on the "invite list" again next year.  :-)

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