The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jul 13, 2011

Our calendar girl! Place your order today :-)

Remember that really fun and super cute calendar that our Little Miss Macy was featured in last year (along with 50 or so other local stars?).  
maybe this will jog your memory.  Yep, that's out little   covergirl in on the right/center.  :-)
Please let me know if you are interested in purchasing the 2012 edition!!  They are a steal at $15.00.
Well, we had the photo shoot for the 2012 Down Syndrome Alliance of the Midland's calendar over a month ago (just before we left for our Texas trip).  And I am SUPER excited to share a sneak peak of some of Macy's pics.  Russ, from Regal Photography, so generously offered up his time, talents and studio space once again this year.  He did a FANTASTIC job of photographing 50+ kids, teens & adults from our area who share this common thread (having an extra 21st chromosome). 
Here a few of my top pics...but I must first throw out a teeny disclaimer...she was teething something fierce that entire day, as her third tooth was beginning to poke through.  What are the odds of that!  Her teefers have never bothered her much before.  She was also a drool-bot too, which she rarely does...So needless to say, she was not her "spunky/giggly" self.  As you know she usually turns on the charm for the camera', but not this day.  Oh well, she was still very well behaved, sat still, looked forward and allowed Mr. Lindeman the opportunity to capture her true beauty anyways (just minus that award winning smile).  hehe

all photos below are proofs and are copyright of Regal Photography 2012
 Sweet little man Jaxson had his shoot right before Macy, so we crossed over and took a few "couple" shots.  How ADORABLE ARE THEY TOGETHER!?!?  He is the same age as Macy, has just one week on her  :-)
Oh my goodness, You should see this guys Bear crawl, he's as FAST as a cheetah, no joke.  It is the funniest and most interesting thing I've ever witnessed.  I sure hope his parents have caught it on tape.
 She's like "seriously, dude, don't touch the hair".
He kept eyeing it and reaching for it.  He did get a hold of it eventually and pulled out her pink bow.  She cried.  HA!  He also has the same "tooth-fetish" and insisted on giving her a full exam right there, but she wasn't allowing it as she had not yet flossed that day (I mean ever).  
I'm sorry, but it was sooo dang cute, just a riot and toooo hilarious to watch  :-)
 How big is Macy??
 Such a proud little stander...

And because she was being so well behaved, was his 2nd "calendar" subject, and was being super still, he made her his guinea pig and took a billion photos.  Used tons of crops, pools, balls, balloons, various chairs, stools, etc...All the pics were good, but her face was quite expressionless in most of them.  haha.  guess, that's just how it goes right?  The smiles have GOT to be on HER time.  :-)
 Girl on the move!

Not sure which pic/pics they will use for the calendar, so we'll have to just wait & see  :-)
I am also SUPER excited to see all the other adorable faces of Omaha's very own "chromosomally enhanced" individuals featured in the 2012 calendar...I know it will be awesome!
Just so you know the net proceeds go towards the Down Syndrome Alliance "Mom's Group" I am involved in.  :-)
Please let me know if you are interested in purchasing one.  They are a steal at $15.00.
I will just need your money (cash or check) upfront by mid August (which is JUST around the corner folks).  The calendars should be made available for distribution by October.

I did not take pics of the session as I did last year, so I revisited last year's blog post...Here's a link to it .  I rarely go back and read old posts, but I'm glad I did.  This one brought back wonderful memories of a special day.  Talk about UP & DOWN emotional roller-coaster ride of emotions!  Believe it or not, I DO miss my job.  I miss SKAR.  I miss being productively busy.  I miss my co-workers, media vendors & clients,  I miss the creativity, responsibility and leadership role that was entrusted to me.  The sense of accomplishment and amazing feeling of a "JOB WELL-DONE".  Along with those rewards, I also miss the stresses and the challenges that come with being a working mom, did I mention the paycheck? Yeah, I guess, I kind of miss that too, because along with that little signed peace of paper comes an extra bit of respect, dignity, sense of pride and self-worth.  Don't get me wrong, I feel worthy.  God formed me, wove me together inside my mother's womb and placed me on this planet for a REASON, I feel plenty worthy each day.  I definitely know, in my heart of hearts, I am fulfilling a very important and worth-while purpose...But, a tiny bit of me still misses my day-to-day hustle & bustle and workplace commotion. The work trips and free lunches with vendors were a nice bonus too.  I attended an open house at my old Ad Agency last week honoring LaVon on 50 years.  It was really fun and awesome to see and chat with so many of my work acquaintances, many of whom I stay in regular contact with...But, with that being said I DO appreciate where I am at today and will continue to take advantage of this awesome opportunity I have to stay home with my girls.  They are not going to be little forever.

okay, that there ends my rant for the night! 

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