The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jul 16, 2011

The lovely Lyla photoshoot :-)

Yesterday, after another wild crazy morning at VBS, The lovely (1 week old) Lyla came over to play.  I, of course, had my camera in hand and tried my best to capture her cuteness.  What a FUN time we had  :-)  The thing that made it most fun was that McKenzie was next door playing with Hannah, Lauren & Dylan (Thanks Lynn, you rock!!!) and Macy napped upstairs for over two hours....nice  :-)  So, I had Lyla all to myself...well, I supposed I still had to share her with her parents, I was trying so hard to get rid of Al & Brian, but they didn't take the hint...hehe.  J.K.  :-)
A sweet girl hanging in dreamland.

 so at peace...

 Alex, Lyla & Brian
 The Kohlhaas family!
 The little sweetheart was so good and did everything we aked of her  :-)
 what gorgeous eyes you have
 In case you couldn't tell, they love her to pieces...
SUCH a good baby she is!
You're in good hands kid.  You're mommy & and daddy are awesome  :-)

 Such petite and adorable little features.

 Just as content as ever hanging out in daddy's arms!

 adorable little lips...oh so kissable...her sure her mommy and daddy give her kisses ALL day long!
 nice round noggin'...full 'o hair  :-)
 little music composer?!  :-)
 Just sitin' back and relaxing on daddy's chest
 She snuck into the shot...peek-a-boo!

What a fun time, thanks Al & Brian for sharing your sweet baby girl with me yesterday :-)
oh and what would a "Harnisch Family" blog post be without some sort of cameo from one of my beauties??
 Macy was helping me out before the star arrived by standing very still while I got my camera settings adjusted and ready to go.
What a WONDERFUL assistant  :-)
Now we get to do it all again this morning with baby (9 day old) Tucker!

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