The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jul 7, 2011

4th of July Weekend 2011

We spent Friday-Monday out at the lake house.  A nice & relaxing extended weekend with our closest 40 family members (sounds like an oxymoron I know - but it really was a good time).
The weather conditions were perfect.  Just a tad bit on the hot side, which means you might as well just get in the water and stay for the day  :-) There were also a few big firework shows to watch each night...not bad!
 Cousin Anna & McKenzie share a candy necklace...thanks Erika!
 The three girls at sunset...Anna, Ally & Kenzie
 they swam that first night until 9:30pm.  YES, for the record, that's waay past their bedtimes.  but oh well, it's a holiday & we were ALL having way too much fun to care  :)
 The next day out at Sandy Bottom cove.
 Macy & Grandpa diggin' in the sand.  She finally PLAYS with it more than she EATS it!
 "uh oh - Grandpa, do I have something on my face?"
 ah well.
 we got some of it rinsed off  :)
 Our little beach bum doesn't mind getting a little dirty  :-)
 McKenzie, Ally, Anna & Mason wait patiently for their turn on the tree swing.
 Mason & Sandy on the boat.
 A bright and early sunrise boat ride.
 Erika wanted to head out to ski around 7am in an effort to beat the mad holiday rush.  It gets really busy with boaters, skiers and wake-boarders...Perfect morning conditions!
 The kids playing on the sand hill before the sun has a chance to heat it up to the point of scolding our toes.  PERFECT idea!
 Mason's such a poser  :-)
 And yet another line has formed for the tree swing.  Grandpa is such a good sport!
 Now he's tired and is resting with Macy on the beach  :-)
 Hi cutie-pie!
 everyone out on the lake
 Dylan, Danielle, Brook & Mason out for a canoe ride.
 Hammock time!!
 Macy checking out my teeth as usual...
 "lookin' good" she says.
 She is not so fun to relax on the raft with anymore...she keeps trying to jump off from side to side.  NOT a good idea kid!  :-)
 Dylan is our championship fishermen.  He won a trophy for 1st place in the Woodlciff 4th of July Fishing contest - Crappie division.  His dad won second in the Bass division.
Oh and his mom, Heather, was the only brave soul from our family to participate in the Fun was cold & rainy that morning...she was awared a t-shirt  :-)
 McKenzie giving Macy, Danielle, Mason & Anna a ride on the hammock.  What a sweet pose Anna!
 Anna & Kenzie found these water-weights in the shed and started their morning workout.  Anna's is doing some arm lifts, while Kenzie does push-ups.  NICE!  :-)
 Macy & Grandpa appear to be having a deep discussion down by the lake.
(insert caption here)
 Momma's silly girl  :)
 Practicing their beach volleyball of these years we'll get a team in one of the Woodcliff Volleyball tournaments...they have both sand & mud tourneys  :-)
 My cousin Sean.
 Macy still not quite ready for this walking in the water stuff...but she's getting braver.
 Erika and , dare I say, her favorite cousin Macy  :-)
 Swim Swim Swim ALL day long !
 Macy and Gracie had a good time swimming in the little baby they just realized that I was snacking on a brownie.  They keep their desires to eat it no secret...
 mmmm, gooood.
 More swing time with Grandpa Lee
 Sometimes captions just aren't necessary.
 Anna & McKenzie blowing "ice-cream" bubbles...these were here reward for being so brave, strong & tough.
Why?  you ask.
Well, she somehow managed to get her teeny little finger stuck in the door hinge of Mallory's camper.  OUCH!!!  It had quite a crease below the knuckle and was bent up pretty good.  A quick trip to Urgent Care to discover she was just fine afterall.  whew.  GREAT news!  Better to be safe than sorry though right?
Poor thing was still in lots of pain though, so we allowed her to choose anything she wanted from Walgreens...her choices?...$0.99 bubbles & cheetos.  nice  :-)  That was a little easier on the pocket book than it could have been!
Aside from a few bits of drama, smashed finger, blown-tire on the golf-cart, maybe a few too many adult beverages for a few, was, all-in-all, a great holiday weekend!
We arrived home Monday night to several neighbors in their driveway lighting off fireworks.  We sat with them for a while, but were in bed by 9:30pm, simply because we were all pooped!
  It took me a couple days to tackle the laundry mountain, but that's okay, life's too short to spend it doing laundry right?  it'll get done...eventually  :-)

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