The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jul 20, 2011

This old Couch

We, or at least our family room, said goodbye to our beloved couch and love seat last week.  Many memories we have.  This furniture has been good to us through the years and has seen us through a LOT!  Good times & bad...
the last day in the upstairs family room
where it sat in our old house - well some of the time anyway, as we have rearranging illness.  Our rooms get changed around frequently!!  :-)
 We were so excited when we made this purchase at NFM nine plus years ago.  This was the first "real" piece of furniture Joe and I bought together as a married couple.  Our first piece of "financed" furniture...Dave Ramsey would be so proud!  It made our newly built little Celebrity house "our home".
back when Toby was just a few weeks old (yes, I was a dork even back then :-))
 It served as a safe place for our brand new puppy to cuddle 8+ years back. 
This couch is where we cuddled many a day and night when we brought our first born baby girl home.
McKenzie as a baby
Chillin with Grandma & Grandpa Lee on the couch one Christmas morning
a 2yr old McKenzie napping with Grandpa Harnisch that same Christmas morning.  Here she is sucking those two middle fingers she loved so much those first couple of years and doing the infamous hair twirl  :-)
Our bodies contoured perfectly among, and melted right into, the over sized pillows and created the perfect "McKenzie sandwich".  
This is where we would settle in when our sweetie would get sick and just want to cuddle with her momma & dadda.  As you know, Kenzie was NOT much of a cuddler.  She was a rockstar sleeper who liked her independence.  We, in many ways prided ourselves on this.  So it was during those rare occasions, when she wanted to snuggle, we knew something was wrong.  Those middle of the day and late at night moments spent cuddling, kissing her feverished forehead, swooshing her hair from her eyes, scratching her back while listening to her breathe heavily as she would sleep deep on our chests.  It was nice to be needed.  Our couch is where the three of us (four if you count the caring canine companion) would lay to heal her back to good health.  Her warm little body slowly rising and falling in sync with the rhythm of Joe and I's breath.

The large cushions are detachable and have been ideal for entertaining our toddler and her friends.  When strewn across the floor, they can be utilized to construct the perfect "house", providing HOURS of fort-making fun.  Who doesn't love a good fort!?  I was always impressed to see her creativity and "outside of the box" thinking skills at work as she put to use Great Grandma Harnisch's quilts, Great Grandma Salisbury's afghans, chairs and coffee tables to make ceilings and walls for her fort.  This activity improved her trouble-shooting abilities as she set out to make her fortress as structurally sound and as sturdy as possible.  She would sometimes watch a movie on my iPhone in her little "house".  SOO cute!  It also provided to perfect amount of darkness for flashlight fun. 

Our couch set has played host and provided many a comfortable seat to hundreds of Birthday party, baby shower, wedding shower, Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving (you get the picture) guests.  

Don't forget that these pillows are large enough to conceal full grown toddlers, serving as the perfect for hide-n-seek!
Our couch is the perfect couch.  While the style may not suit all, it suited us just right.  It is perfectly broken in and knows each of our comfort preferences and ideal pillow arrangements.
It has seen it's fair share of stains over the years, ranging from chocolate, to coffee, to muddy feet, to sweat and tears.  Thank goodness for stain guard protection!

Much like her big sister, Little Miss Macy has also found comfort in this couch.  When propped just right, she, too, could sit for a long time against it's soft cushions.  Just the right height for cruising.  Many a photoshoot was had on this couch!  Lot's of naps with Grandpa Lee, especially during those first few months as he played "grandpa nanny" to her when I went back to work.  
This couch provided a good deal of therapy when we were faced with many unknowns at the beginning of her sweet life.  As you recall, her Down Syndrome diagnosis brought on a truck load of emotions and fears.  It was this couch that provided the warmth and familiar embrace our souls needed to wrap our brains around this new life journey we had just set out on.  This couch could MORE than handle that extra chromosome  :-)

So, while we are excited to welcome our new brown leather sectional couch into our home.  Down with the old and in with the new.  It is with bittersweet emotions that our good friends will no longer serve as the backdrop to our everyday happenings.  We will have to make more of a point to visit the basement for playtimes, family movie nights and televised sporting events  :-)

Looking forward to the new "couch" memories to be had!

here are a few more couch pics through the years  :)
Our first photo as a family of four (what do you know, it was taken on this couch!)
big sister holding baby Macy (while still hooked up to the jaundice machine).  This lazy boy was the ideal recliner for nursing was the perfect size and purchased for this exact reason  :-)
sleepover with cousins Ash & Autumn!
showing those cruising skills off to G&G Harnisch
and she stands!!  The oversized chair provided a soft landing  :-)
when she didn't fall between the chair & ottoman that is...OOOOPS!  ha
good thing big sis was close by to rescue her  :-)
I believe this was Macy's reaction upon hearing the news of a new couch

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