The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jul 20, 2011

Baby Tucker!

What a handsome little dude this guy is! 
Tucker James was SOO well behaved for his 1-week photoshoot.  I feel privileged that my longtime friend Jenny asked and trusted me to capture these sweet newborn moments  :-)  Because he was so calm, cool and cooperative, I think we were able to get a few pretty good shots!
 such sweet cheeks
 Ten tiny toes!
 I was excited that we got this shot to work out...we just needed to comfort him for a while and make him forget that his warm naked body was laying on top of a cold football helmet.  hehe
 I just LOVE his soft hairy back & arms.  so cuddly!
 Big sister, 22 month old Emma, got in on a little photoshoot fun...but it had to be on HER time.  She was far too busy playing with McKenzie's toys to take too much time out to stop and pose for my silly camera  :-)
 what a sweetie!  You can tell she really loves her new baby brother.
 She is the spitting image of her momma!
 baby in a bucket...
 why not right?

 Little babies are so limber & flexible  :-)
 holding on to his daddy's hands
 had to get a pose just like his big sister did with his Grandpa's football helmet

 silly Emma and her sleepy brother
 SOO much love!
love this one  :-)
 I think he's trying to tell me "he's done."
 we did go down the street and got a few outdoor pics...

but only for a few minutes as it was 112 degrees that day.  NO JOKE!
 giving her baby brother another kiss on the head...
 night night sweet Tucker!  Thanks for the fun day and we'll see you again soon  :-)

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