The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jul 12, 2011

Baby Lyla (1 day old) and Grant (1 year old)

Check out this beautiful little lady!!!!
 This is Lyla Christine Kohlhaas!  
Daughter to Alex, one of my dearest college friends.   :-)
Congratulations Alex & Brian, your sweet baby girl is precious!!
I am super excited that they have asked me to take her One Week newborn pics.  They are coming over this Friday for our little photoshoot, we are going to have SOOO much fun.  And I'm sure you can see why!!  :-)
Oh, I threw Alex a baby shower a couple months ago and totally forgot to post some pics from the shower.  We've had a LOT going on...oops.  Here are a few pics from the party.
 A few of my college besties...Heather, Jenny, Alex, Nikki, me, and Angie.
 The three preggos.  HAD TO. :-)   Heather & Angie are both due VERY soon too!
 This pic says so much!  Alex with the two Grandma's to be  :-)
Do you think they're excited much??  aaww
Alex with the "shower committee"...Lindsey, Jamie, Al & Me.
The other day we attended a birthday party for a very sweet little man who just turned one year old...Grant Huber!!  
 The kids...Grant, Macy, Kenzie, Jack (his brother Max was watching this pic get taken), Sam, Tessa, Johnny & Thomas

 The birthday boy & Macy
 Happy First Birthday Grant...your party was FUN!  :-)
I took lots more pics at the party, but with his mommas camera.  hehe

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  1. Oh man, I wish I would have taken Grant's binkie out of his mouth. Cute pics. I'll send you the one's I have as well.