The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jul 14, 2011

Prayer Path

We have driven and walked past it hundreds of times in the last year.  It is located just a few blocks from our house.  Right here in our neighborhood!  In a large open grassy/wild flower area.  I've been meaning to STOP and check it out, see what it's all about...but of course, sadly, the hustle & bustle keeps us moving right along. 
What am I talking about you ask?
 thought up, designed and created by a local boy scout troop.  It is my understanding that this was a project for one of the members to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout.
 It is really neat.  A windy, hilly & zig-zaggy white rock path, lined with mulch that took us up over a bridge, past some newly planted baby trees, flowers and landscaping rocks.  There are several benches (prayer benches of course) dispursed throughout.  How VERY awesome!!  There is a special stone in the middle that reads: 
"If tears could build a stairway
and thoughts a memory lane
I'd walk right up to heaven
and bring you home again"
 My girls and I are very glad we pulled the car over tonight to check it out a bit closer.
Why did it take us so long to get here!?
I just happened to have my camera in the car, so why not have a little photoshoot!?  hehe  :-)
 Macy wanted to show off her standing (err, I mean leaning) skills.
 I just LOVE her little knee rolls   :-)
 McKenzie crossing the small bridge VERY cautiously.
 I love that the Elkhorn water tower can be seen in the background!
 "ya done yet ma?"  I'd like to finish out our little hike...
 skippin some rocks.
 I can't help it...I LIKE the top of her head. hehe
 Our stander!!  She'll go for a good 10 seconds these days...before plopping gracefully onto her bootie.  Speaking of her skills & abilities, I don't like to brag, but this girl is blowing us away lately.  Our little 18 month old is climbing the stairs like it's nobody's business (there's a STRONG magnetic force attracting her to them, the gate is in FULL force!), walking behind the walker like a champ, she has been spotted on a few occasions taking 5-6 itty-bitty unassisted steps, signing non-stop (not just one word, but two to three word phrases at times!!)  She can get quite demanding at times  :-)
All three of us have been having a wonderful time participating in Vacation Bible School this week.  I am volunteering as a GAMES leader.  (YIKES, those 170 kiddos have waaaay toooo much energy for me but I'm somehow managing to keep up with them - one.  day.   left.), Kenzie rolls with the big kids, Macy plays in the nursery.  They are doing lots of fun things with the little's in the nursery this year  :-)  Angel is so great with them all!  Sharon, Macy's Speech Pathologist paid her a visit at VBS yesterday and did ALL SORTS of great activities with Macy.  I just love observing them interact together.  I think the stimulating environment of the church pre-school room also stimulated her and encouraged her to show off a bit more than when her therapy sessions take place at "boring old" home.
Also, Lucy came to the house this morning for Occupational Therapy.  Cousin Erika stayed home with her (while Kenzie and I were at VBS).  THANKS ERIKA!!  I got a shining report card with ALL SORTS of wonderful remarks about how Macy impressed the socks off of Lucy today.  hehe
What a super-star!  No wonder they asked her to be in this year's calendar again...LOL  :)
 McKenzie being silly after playing out back in the sprinkler.  She is of course wearing her princess dress.  She is driving us NUTS lately with her MANY wardrobe changes.  The kid insists on changing outifits every five minutes.  It is SERIOUSLY getting old...she needs to learn to dress and undress herself (100% independently) sooner than later, or else I'm afraid that big box 'o tutu's & ballerina dresses are going to find themselves lost at the local dump....oops.  :-(
 Would I really be that cruel?   Yes, I'm afraid I WOULD have the ability to be that cruel.  hehe
I still love her though  :)

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    To let a child learn to walk
    On a soft,safe floor
    Shows confidence, optimism, and devotion
    But maybe further and more

    To let a child learn to walk
    On a scary, rocky road
    Shows and defines Faith, Hope, and Love
    For a flower's seed well sowed