The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jul 26, 2011

Beautiful Blayne (9 Month photos)

When Blayne's mom expressed a slight interest in having her photos taken by me, I did NOT hesitate scheduling our little session.  This girl is just a peach, such perfect little features, gorgeous eyes and the sweetest round face with cheeks that you could just eat up!  I knew had had to have some pics of this baby in my personal collection  :-)
We set out bright and early Saturday an effort to catch the tail end of the sunrise and to hopefully get ahead of the crazy heat (100 degree temps were once again in the forecast that day - when is this sweltering heat going to END already!).
 When I showed up she was giggly and READY to go!!

Do you like my new green chair?  :)  I found it at the "Whistle Stop" the other day!

 I love this shot..such a happy girl!

 It wasn't all fun and games...check out that TEAR  :-(  poor dear, the sun was starting to bright.
But a little love from momma makes everything better!

 How big is Blayne??
 I found the two above elements (small knitted blanky and white vintage umbrella) at a local thrift shop.  SCORE!
She HAD to play with her momma's keys.  Would NOT give them back for it looks like they are our newest prop.  Hey, whatever keeps a kid happy right!?  :-)
 I like how the run-ray is peeking through on this shot.
And she tells us "We're DONE!"
I had so much playing with my new friend Blayne...and was sad when our session was over, I could have taken pictures of this photogenic peanut ALL day! (just one more, just 4 more, just 9 more - hehe) I know her parents do  :-)

I am really enjoying this new little side gig of taking pics of families and other people's kiddos...and am getting to know my camera a lot better.  I may not have the biggest, best or newest camera, but it does the trick!  I have a few more family sessions on the horizon of which I am excited about...I am pretty sure I am going to start up a separate "Sherri Harnisch Picture Taker" blog or website so that these "other family pics" do not overtake my little Harnisch family blog  :-)  It's just time!  But I will continue to post some of my faves on here from time to time though  :-)

Give me a holler if you'd like your families or little one's pics taken, I sure LOVE to do it!

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