The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jul 28, 2011

The other day, I had the opportunity to take some pics (another paying client, woot-woot!  Thanks Dergan family!) of Zach and McKenna.  It was hot, hot HOT!  But we still managed to have a good time.  Their mom only had to bribe sweet Zach with a few things to get us through the "shoot", but hey, WORKS FOR ME  :-)  I see a new electric train in his very near future.  Poor little dude tripped a couple times and scraped up his elbow & knee.  big bummer.  But he was strong and brave and showed his sweet smile regardless.
 McKenna is such a good big sister to her sweet baby brother!  He is LUCKY to have her  :-)
 Zach (4) and McKenna (8) look closely into the lens, they are told that animals like to hide in there, so they need to be very still and look very close  :)
 A sweet bro & sis moment captured!
 Big sis watching over brother from afar.  Sweet Zach is always watched closely and has been through so much this past year and a half (so much more than any child should have to go through).  It just doesn't make sense and certainly does not seem fair.  If you're a praying person, please keep Zach in mind as he fights his battle with epilepsy.
I love this genuine "Little Rascal" like moment right here  :-)
Does McKenna have beautiful eyes or what?  So glad I got to photograph them  :-)
BOTH of them  :-)
 He got a little confused when I asked him to put his hands on his hips.  close.  Too cute!
 waitin' on his sis  :-)
  Love his sweet expression
McKenna reminds me a lot of ME when I was her age.  She's sort of a tom-boy, who's good at sports and prefers a functional pair of tennis shoes over heels.  my kinda girl  :-)  Can't wait to follow and cheer her on at local sporting events in a few years for sure!
 Zach shows me his newly scraped knee.  He was running and fell on the gravel path.  Poor thing!
 This certainly doesn't help generate smiles.
 My friend Lynette and her sweet girl
 Thanks guys for the fun outing the other night...let's do it again soon, but bring your Dad along next time around!   :-)

These were just a few of my favorites, if you'd like to see more, click over to my Facebook album here

Who's next??  Gimme a holler.  btw - I am still working on my "picture taker" site, where I will for future shoots be posting my client pics.

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