The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Dec 4, 2011

10th Annual MLC Girls Christmas Party

The Holiday season officially kicked off with our annual MLC (now MU I guess) girls Christmas Party a couple weeks ago.  These girls were like sisters to me in college - we have been through a LOT together...with some I was roommies, sorority sisters, teammates on the Basketball team, etc...
Although we do not see as much of each other as we'd like, work, families, moving far away...we still make it a point to get together and do Christmas UP BIG.  Rotating our location each year.  I'd say this year's party downtown (and getting a hotel room at the Embassy) gave good old Nashville & Council-tucky, even hard to beat Howells, a run for it's money  :-)  I just LOVE getting together reminiscing the old stories and sharing the new ones too.  A little bit of gossip doesn't hurt anyone either and is somewhat good for the soul.  hehe top it off, it was AWESOME to have our wonderful friend Heather able to join us all the way from Ohio.

It was our usual, fun time had by all  :-)

Below are some pics I stole from everyone else's facebook pages (I FORGOT MY CAMERA!  uggh).  LOL

we stopped for an impromptu Nikki & Sherri "bad girl" shot while strolling around the old market.  hehe
yummy lunch at Crave @ Midtown Crossing
Getting the party started" down at the hotel bar.  Al, Heather, Nikki, Heather & Tiffany

Jill, me, & Jenny

in the elevator...why not?  hehe
the weather was uncharacteristically nice this November Nebraska weekend.
These momma's still got the moves.  ha!
 One thing that added to the reason why this year was so fun, was no one was pregnant.  Which has NOT been the case the last several years...There were four brand new momma's, but no one with an actual "bun in the oven" so to we could all party it up "real".  hehe.  Or at least as "real" as old momma's could do it.  ha  We are in our 30's after-all.  yikes!

 I love these girls and am already looking forward to what next year has in store.

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