The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Dec 4, 2011

Mason's Adoption Day!

November 19th, 2011 was National Adoption Day...and the wonderful Rogert family invited me to come along and accompany them to the courthouse ...It was on this day that they officially made Mason a part of their clan.  Making them a "more complete" family of FIVE!  What an absolute blessing it was to be in there presence that day.  
They wanted me to capture the moments that day in still frame, snap some pics to document the day's events.  I was MORE than happy to do this as a gift for them  :-)  

The courthouse was a buzz, with over 20 adoptions that day.  It was more of a carnival atmosphere than the norm...clowns, face painters, magicians, storm troopers, spiderman, etc.  What a wonderful atmosphere!

Here are just a few pics I snapped to capture the days events....
On the way to the was a COLD and drizzly day - but that sure didn't damper any spirits.
Camera's are usually not permitted in the courtroom but due to the nature of the day's events it was allowed (encouraged in fact) on this day  :-)
despite the weather conditions, we still managed to swing a few outdoor shots  :-)
A snapped a cute pic of Mason at my friend's wedding last night.  What a charmer!
Here's Mason and his DADDY at this years' Buddy Walk  :-)
I also took lots of pics at their HUGE party that evening.  
Mason is one loved and VERY lucky young man  :-)  
Congratulations and God Bless the Rogert Family on this wonderful blessing!!

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