The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Dec 8, 2011

A cute hat arrived in the mail one day

The other day we received a package from my Aunt Patty in Texas.  Apparently, as she stated in her sweet note..."she knits without direction".  She said that this yarn and hat pattern appealed to her so she made it...but wasn't quite sure who it would fit.  So we were MORE than happy to try it on for size.  Turns out, it's quite versatile.  It looked good on both Kenzie & Macy.  I love the colors & pattern...and the yarn is super soft!!

The hat was so adorable I just HAD to snap a few pics...hehe...cuz...well...that's what I do.    :-)
Macy, as usual, was happy to play along!  As you will see below, we "made it our own" and dressed, this already adorable hat, up with a few flower bows...LOVE IT!!
 and she's done...Macy's new favorite thing to do is pull her hats off and put them back on...over & over & over  & over!  She is fascinated with socks too...on & off, on & off, on & off.  AAALLLLL DAAYY LONG! 
 Big sis wanted a picture too.  A. picture.  not two.  just one.  I'll TAKE IT!  Good thing my camera has a fast shutter speed, because she literally lasted .06 seconds - whew  :-)

Thanks Patty for the super cute hat...if there's anyone else who has a knitting hobby and wants to send over a sample or two, go right ahead.  hehe 

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