The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Dec 24, 2011

Slugs and Bugs Christmas Concert

McKenzie and her Sunday school friends have been preparing for this exciting, energetic and super fun Christmas concert/drama for weeks. 
Randall Goodgame, a talented songwriter/musician came to Bethany once again to put on a great, interactive and super fun show.  He is really good with the kids.
Read more about Slugs & Bugs here.  :-)
I wasn't quite sure how interested my shy girl was going to be about getting up on stage in front of a crowd of 500 people.  But once we got there she was super excited and once it was her turn, she marched right up on stage and performed her little Holiday #'s flawlessly (well as flawless as any performing 4-yr old can be).
I'm not gonna lie, I always get a kick out of seeing these "not-so-polished" preschools up there on stage. You just never know what's gonna happen.
Pay no attention the sweet little boy laying down on the stage throughout the entire performance.  He refused to leave when their portion was over.  Needless to say his little "drama" received quite the applause.  hehe
She didn't take her eyes off Mrs. M (who was demonstrating the words and actions up front) for a second.  She was a very focused performer.  :-)  She appeared to know all the lyrics & actions, or at least, faked her way through it rather convincingly.  :-)
After the show we enjoyed some yummy cookies and made lots of awesome arts & crafts!
Here's Macy looking up to her good buddy Randall.
She says "you're cool, but you're not gettin' my cookies!".  she had a kung-fu grip on those babies.  HA
These friends go way back...he played with her through the glass for about ten minutes during this morning's church service.  I can tell he has young kids of his own.
Cousin Dalton putting the final touches on his cool CD ornament
Pastor John and his son Ethan creating a caterpillar clip/magnet.
She was excited about her "I spy" ornament.
Dad & daughter crafting  :)
I appreciate all the children's ministry opportunities that are offered at our church.  We will take advantage of just about anything they make available.  Always well run and always a good time had by the kiddos.
It just melts my heart to see how McKenzie is really "GETTING IT" this year.  Her dinner time prayers are genuine and sincere.  Best of all, she TRULY understands the true meaning of Christmas.

She has not been counting down the days to gift opening or Santa, rather, she has been counting down the days until it's Jesus' Birthday.  :-)

Last week we were visiting my Uncle Kevin & Aunt Kim.  Their house is very festive (they're like the Griswold's of their block).  As we were approaching their house what do you think McKenzie got excited and worked up about?  The lit up Santa, reindeer, Charlie Brown, big bright Frosty, or all the colorful lights?  nope.  She paused.  Took a deep breathe.  Had a HUGE smile on her face.  squeeled in her high-pitched 4yr old voice.  pointed.  And said "Mom, LOOK, it's baby Jesus!".
She asked if she could get a closer look.  Of course!
That moment melted my heart and will be forever engrained in my mind.  My mom & dad were also there to see and hear her excitement.

I want to thank her Pre-school teachers, Sunday school teachers and helpers at her Wednesday evening "Bethany Buddies" program who helped educate and reinforce the true meaning of Christmas.

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