The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Dec 27, 2011

A Very Harnisch Christmas

We celebrated Christmas (errr, excuse me, I mean as McKenzie would correct me, the Birthday of baby Jesus) last weekend. 
It was a fun, busy and relaxing day.  Started out with a delicious lunch, followed by the wild gift exchange, Ashlynn & Autumn's Piano recital, then Autumn & Mason's Christmas program at church.  Then back to the house for dessert and some card games.   whew, all that is one day!  Never a dull moment, It was a wonderful way to spend 11 hours (seriously we arrived at 11:00am & got home at 10:00pm).  Harnisch gatherings are never a short two-hour affair, and I would not want it ANY other way :-)
Attempting to get the annual Grandparents/grandbabies shot - Mason, McKenzie, Macy, Grandpa, Harrison, Sam, Autumn, Grandma, Grady, Ashlynn & Neely.
Neely & Grady were not exactly thrilled about the idea.
I assure you, there was no harming of children during the creation of this photograph
I asked for pretty smiles & this is what I got.  About what I expected I guess.
Mason & his favorite person...AUNT GAYLE!!
Sam, Neely & Ja
Macy must have been telling Aunt Bethany something very interesting.
uh oh.  BUSTED!  Someone broke into their present early.  NICE.  Might as well get the gift opening portion of the day started.
In case you couldn't already tell, Mason was a little excited!
Dave shares a pretty gold bow with Macy.  aawwww.  The kids really love this guy  :-)
G&G Harnisch & the newest grand-dogs.  oh wait, that's one of the neighbor dogs with Molly...
The Masin's - Big bro Sam, Tod, Harrison & Jessica
Ashlynn opening the gifts that Toby got for Kirby & Molly.
 All of these special dog Holiday packages were made by individuals employed by Angel Guardians.  Based right here in Omaha.  The mission of Angel Guardians, Inc. is to improve the quality of life for special-needs teens and adults in the areas of housing, employment, fitness, socialization and recreation.  check out their website here.
And next, McKenzie opened the BEST gift of all.  A whoopie cushion from Aunt  Gayle & Dave.  She didn't know what to think at first.
But once Uncle Dave explained how it worked, it was a HUGE hit.
Wow, Imagine all the people I can trick with this.  ha!
Mason & McKenzie take turns making the "magic" happen.  It just never gets old really.
McKenzie explains it's function to a curious Macy & Grady
Bah Hum Bug.  Kirby is DONE.
Macy really loved this fun puppet she got from Gayle & Dave.
 We made it home with a truck-load of goods (thanks especially to Aunt Gayle who spoils all her nieces & nephews immensely) to decide where to put it all.  Time to start reorganizing the toy collection again.  I already to know where I'm going to take those old clothes & toys that the girls are no longer in need of/ the "Hand Me Up's" thrift store we go...

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