The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Dec 24, 2011

McKenzie's Christmas program at preschool

McKenzie had her preschool Christmas program last Wednesday.  I was sad to not be able to attend and watch it in person as this was the day my dear cousin Richie was laid to his final resting place.  Our whole family is just so sad and misses him dearly.  I made a memorial video to celebrate his 29 years with us.  Perhaps I will share it soon if his family is okay with that.  He was a great guy and was loved by many, which was evident by the hundreds of family & friends who showed up to grieve his loss.
Since I was unable to got the program, my friend Anna so kindly offered to video-tape her performance for me.  Which was SOOO nice, I was extremely touched that she offered to do this for us!  :-)
I will post some of the video at a later date when I have more time...but for now I wanted to share a few pics of me & Kenzie taken on the way to school that day.  :-)
McKenzie felt like such a big girl in her "Holiday coat".
It's not every day she wants to pose (and smile) like this for me, so I took full advantage of the opportunity.

She has really grown up and matured fast these couple months. 

One of my MOST favorite things in the whole world is when she'll say just out of the blue (at least a couple times a week)..."Mom?". "Yes dear", I ask - with a usually annoyed tone.  "I love you".


Sometimes she'll even change it up and say "Mom"...."I like you".  I think I like it when she says THIS the most.  oh to be liked by your kids, when sometimes it seems like all you do is yell & correct them.  It's nice to know, that through all that, they STILL LIKE YOU too.   hehe

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