The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Dec 8, 2011

First Snow of the season!

We finally got our first snow fall of the season last Saturday!  I'm no meteorologist, but it was significantly measurable, about 6 inches or so.  Not bad.  Wish we didn't have to be so "out & about" in it, the road conditions were LESS than favorable.  We had both a funeral and a wedding to venture to that day.  uggh.  This was the kind of weather that makes you want to just bunker down, light a fire, sip hot cocoa and watch a whole days' worth of Lifetime movies. 
Glad we got out though...the celebration of my H.S. friend Steve's life was nice.  And Angie & Chantz had a BEAUTIFUL wedding reception!!  The snow did not scare anyone away that night!
Being that we did not have too many plans the following day, the girls had some fun playing outside for a bit.  Sure, I snapped a few pics...cuz...well...that's what I do  :-)
Cousin Anna & McKenzie makin' snow angels
Snow princess Anna  :-)
I asked for a smile...this is what I get.  surprise, surprise!
Macy was "kind of" joining in the fun.  She is still questioning what all the hoopl

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