The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Dec 4, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

The Harvest decorations have made their way back down into storage, the fluffy white stuff has finally fallen to the ground, Christmas music has taken over local radio stations, and the Harnisches finally brought up the good old Christmas Tree.
McKenzie & dad (I think this is the 3rd consecutive year now...looks like we may have a new family "tradition" on our hands) decorated a gingerbread house.  This year it was houses...a whole village baby.  :-)

McKenzie watched intently as her dad attempts a risky, tedious, roof-top icicle design.
wala - HE DID IT!  Impressive, old man...impressive.
McKenzie pretending to sleep on the job.
putting on some finishing touches
I'd say this is a satisfied look.  :-)  Good job daddy!

This is the fourth Christmas we will have spent in this particular house...and this is the FOURTH location/room that the Christmas tree has resided in (the first year it was the dining room, the next year it was the front living room, last year it was the front office, this year it found a home (maybe permanent) in the family room.  hehe.)
McKenzie decorating the tree
 She very strategically placed the breakable & hook ornaments up high outside of Macy's reach...and placed several others as low as they could go.  Not exactly the most fundamental "court-balance" as coach Wald would say...but it did the trick.  It was her vision, who was I to step in and judge/change it.
oh the wander of a child's expression on Christmas.  To know what they are really thinking would be priceless.
I was playing around with my manual settings, and messed this shot up good.  The super slow shutter speed made McKenzie look creepy, yet WHIMSICAL, so I kept it & now found it to be rather "blog-worthy".  :-)

Macy was sleeping by the time I drug the camera here's a shot from last year's Harnisch Tree Decorating Ceremony.
She was SOOO excited to see a Christmas Tree for the first time.  :)
Getting herself into a bit of trouble.


I would like to leave you with a few pull-out quotes from my friend Kelle Hampton's recent blog post - over at "Enjoying the Small Things".  About the holidays.  The girl has a way with words and a way of saying things just as I THINK THEM, but can't quite manage to put down on paper in quite the same way.  She is gifted.  So here are some that resonated with me  :-)

In reference to her kids - "I am writing their books. And while they might not remember the pink walls of their nursery or the framed art that hangs across from the crib, I will make sure they'll remember the magic and wonder of traditions that draw us closer--a time of year that finishes the common stitches of our everyday memories with fine handiwork and colorful thread that won't be forgotten."

"Having kids now, I realize just how much work it must have been for them (in reference to her parents). Hauling gifts and kids to the car, driving through blizzards to meet up with family, making gifts, hiding gifts, and the deliberate effort of creating what they wanted us to feel--that it was special. That our little minds and memories were worth the work."

"they carved deep grooves in my character. They etched the great worth of tradition, imagination and the wonder of childhood." ...  "I have big shoes to fill; my parents set the bar high."

and finally...
"You are the author of their storybook, writing memories and elements of their character every day. Make it meaningful. Give them wonder."

Beautifully put Kelle - couldn't have said it better myself.   :-)

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