The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Dec 4, 2011

Kaya Children International Video

Between Sherri Harnisch Picture Taker, Video Maker & working part time at my church (doing really fun, meaning and creative things), I have been keeping productively busy  :-)

Check out this video I had the absolute pleasure of creating the other day.  It was played at a fundraiser dinner last night, and again at church this morning - as they work to generate awareness, raise funds and recruit people to go on this summer's "Kaya Children International Vision Trip".

The video has now gone viral (as Christina has posted it to Youtube & Facebook).

All the photos were taken by Christina and Pastor John, who went to La Pas, Bolivia a few months ago...amazing, impactful images I must say!  The faces on those children say it all.
please watch!

Here's a bit more information from Christina directly (as she puts it best)  :-)

Kaya Children International is a young and growing organization that is committed to serving children on the streets around the world. We work to meet the immediate needs of children living on the streets, while working toward a future in which no child needs to call the streets home. To accomplish this mission, we engage in direct service, research and advocacy.

A worldwide network of partners and individuals makes Kaya's work possible. While our direct services are currently focused on Bolivia, our other activities are expanding around the globe, paving the way for future programmatic expansion. Our long term goal is to develop viable program models, based on best practice and sound research, which can be implemented on a broad scale to make a lasting difference in the lives of marginalized children.

Contact or for additional information.

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