The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Dec 4, 2011

My Family - Just one of many things to be thankful for.

We posed for a few rare "Lee" family shots on Thanksgiving Day 2011.  We are usually pretty good about rounding up the rug-rats (aka grand-kids) and getting a fairly decent kiddo pic with the grandparents...but it has been waaay too long since we attempted a daughter/parent shot.  The weather was nice, dinner had been eaten, the sun was setting & we were due  :-)
My dad with his four "not-so-baby" girls
Lisa, dad, Heather, Keri & me  (Sherri)

They say there's a special place in heaven for the father's to multiple girls.  I've gotta believe this is true.  An especially special place for those who grew up in a house with ONE bathroom.  hehe  How DID we/he survive?  seriously.  ha

my dad is famous for never looking at the camera, rather whomever he is posing with (which is usually his daughter's) we turned the tables on him here.  hehe

We also attempted a nice shot with our mom...nice face Keri  :-)  we were having just a little bit of fun!
At least until Erika jumped in and ruined (I mean made better) the picture.  hehe
learning to crash pics just like her aunt.  Hey, I get it.  You gotta do what you gotta go to prove you existed in the world.  ha
me & my poppa

Lisa & Dad
Grandpa Garry with two of his grand-babies - the oldest and the youngest.
nephew Dylan snapped a pic before dinner.  love his 4foot-8inch vantage point.  :-)
check out how Macy is not smiling nice for the camera like everyone else...she decides to DIG IN instead.  typical :-)
The "girl" kid table...minus Erika, as she has successfully graduated to the "adult" table.
 I never did get a "boy" kid table shot...'


Now to end with a guest blog entry from Macy (via Grandpa Lee) :-)

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!!!
I can't quite text yet
So I'll channel this through Grandpa
at Thanksgiving Dinner Thursday
I tuned into my uncles
Chad, Dan, and Jim

I am Thankful
For the way they smile when I walk in
I am Thankful
For the way they invite me to their laps
I am Thankful
For the way they talk to me

They encourage me and I captivate them
With my smile and my charm
I Love those guys!!!
Thanks Dad.  
Macy sure does have a way of melting those big boys' hearts - they are QUITE smitten with her.  :-)

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