The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Dec 24, 2011

Santa at Seim

Good old Jolly St. Nick came to visit daddy's work again this year!!! The girls have really come to look forward to this visit when they can get up close  & personal.  :-)
He has arrived!
Santa telling stories and sharing some of his magic tricks with the kids.
Macy growing impatient.  "Get to the good part already".  She would say if she could.  hehe
Notice ALL the other kids sitting nicely and waiting patiently.  Why was this concept so difficult for Macy to grasp that morning?  hehe
 She was getting ancy and Joe was trying to restrain her to his lap, but finally we decided to just go ahead and give her some freedom.  How much trouble could she get into in this large CPA conference room afterall?  So long as she's not loud or disruptive who cares right?  Well Little Miss Macy decided she needed to entertain the kids who were circled around Santa for a couple minutes.  She got about 8 feet away from him, leaned forward, made firece eye contact with him, flashed her KILLER smile and waved at him silently for a good 20 seconds.  It was super sweet!!!   She then proceeded to work her way around the circle of kids.  Waving and playing/singing itsy bitsy spider at each kid one by one.  Once she got that smiles or wave back she would move on to the next one.  SOOO FUNNY!  Wish I had captured this 2-minute moment on camera.  
Sorry that Santa got slightly upstaged for a moment, but it didn't take long for him to regain everyone's attention.  
Oh, and then, just like that.  She was done.  She came and re-claimed her seat next to mommy & daddy.  I guess she just needed to "get that out of her system".  LOL
Big sis smiling pretty.  She really liked Santa this year.   Asking consistently for a "dolly-doll".  So if anyone happens to know what the heck a "dolly-doll" is, please share.  I've googled it and have come up with nothing.  hmmmm
They had matching Rosy Red cheeks.
Macy's turn!!  She approached him slowly and dramatically
she never cried, but it did take her a moment or two to warm up to the idea of sitting on this "dudes" lap.
grilling him
Not sure what he was saying here, but it must have been interesting - Macy's giving him her "you're nuts" look.
attempting a group shot...this is as good as it was gonna get.  Macy would NOT take her eyes off him for a second.  It was neat to see the look of wonder in her eyes  :-)
"What, you're leaving already"...."You just got here"..."now sit back down!
"no seriously, I don't think you heard me....sit....back...down"
PS - if you think you're experiencing Deja-Vu, you are...yes...the girls DID wear those exact same dresses last year when Santa came to Seim.  hehe  oops.  Kenzie calls them "Santa Dresses", so it only seems appropriate to still wear them, as they still FIT!   :-)


The girls were lucky enough to see Santa four times this Holiday season.  First at the Bounce U Holiday Party (put on by D.A.D.S.), then again at the grocery store & again at the big Lee family Christmas Party.  They loved him each time  -  more pics of those to come later.  :-)

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