The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Dec 11, 2010

Santa Clause is Coming to Town

Brrrrr.  Looking out the window right now as I write this post...glad I'm not outside in this blustery weather.  super high winds, blowing snow, we are under a wind chill advisory and a winter weather advisory...great evening to STAY INDOORS!  Tis the season right?  :-)
The Girls have been busy busy this weekend already.  McKenzie just got home from making Christmas Cookies at Grandma Harnisches house with all of her "big" cousins.  And this morning Jolly Old Saint Nicholas graced Daddies work with his presence.  All of his co-workers who have little ones came and sat on Santa's lap and gave him hints as to what they would like him to bring them on Christmas morning.
 I was very proud to watch McKenzie walk right up when he called out her name.  She was excited to show him her new Christmas dress..."look Santa, this is an ornament!"  :-)
I'm pretty sure this is the first time she has ever SMILED while sitting on his lap.
They were having quite a chat!
Macy was next...she was totally checking him out and was rather expressionless.  But no tears!  So that's good  :-)
An overview shot of almost all the little ones opening their gifts in front of Santa.


Last night we were invited to a friends house for a viewing of Polar Express on the BIG screen...oh and we heard that a special someone may pay the kids a visit too  :-)
Rick & Deanna converted their basement into a large theater room.  The kids had a fun time eating their popcorn and drinking their juice boxes.  Many even came in their jammies.
Macy says "Santa's here!"  This was her first 'official" encounter with him.
 She's trying to figure out what the big deal is with this guy anyhow.
 Her expressions just crack me up!
Kenzie's you can see she was not too thrilled last night.  But it was a good "warm up" for today's successful Santa visit  :-)

Were are looking forward to a lazy night of nothingness.  Nowhere to go in this crappy weather anyway  :-)  Hope it clears up before our big "LEE" Christmas party tomorrow.

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