The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Dec 11, 2010

test results

I am happy to report that Macy's EEG results came back okay.  

Not completely normal, as they told us that there were "slow waves" in non-specific frontal areas of her brain.  Not sure exactly what that means, but I am told it is nothing too overly uncommon and we should not worry about it.  Just continue to keep an eye on her and contact them should we have further concerns.
My motherly instinct tells me not to be worried, so I'm not...but I do have a laundry list of questions for Macy's doctor at her appointment next Monday.

Also - as you recall from this post a few weeks back...they also thought it necassary to test for Hypothyroidism.  I am once again, pleased to know that her labs came back normal.  And luckily all of the symptoms she has that fall in-line with hypothyroidism are just common Down Syndrome traits.  Therefore, no further "intervention" is required.  Oh Good.  Glad we can put that concern to rest  :-)

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