The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Dec 17, 2010

Macy's One Year B-day Party ensemble

I finished making Macy's One Year Birthday Party outfit!  
My friend Timmery made the Tu-Tu (Thanks Timmery, it turned out perfect!!!) and I did the rest  :-)  Now she's ready for her big party in a few weeks...
I couldn't resist, we had about 15 minutes before having to head out the door for Kenzie's Gymnastics why not have a little photoshoot in the living room...hehe
 awwww.  this one's my favorite...figures it would be the FIRST one I snapped  :-)

 I think she likes it!

Oh Macy...I am SOO in love with you.
You are SOO beautiful  :-)
I don't know how she gets her legs up like this??  too funny!  you'd think she's have abs of steel.
 I couldn't bring myself to crop Toby out of this above picture...he just loves Macy to pieces  :-)
I can't help it...what can I say?  I like baby butts!!!

 Big sister trying to help Macy stand...this pose lasted about 1.2 seconds...thank goodness for fast shutter speeds huh??  :-)  I love my camera!
 trying to stand again...she's holding onto my hand...this time she lasted about 1.4 seconds!  :-)

 I told Timmery I wanted a FULL tutu...and FULL is what I got  :-)  PERFECT!

 Here she's giving Toby her new "Cheesy pose" glad I caught this new random expression of hers on is PRICELESS!
And with that.  We were done  :-)  Thanks for playing along Macy.  Now where's big sis, we've got to get her in her leotard and out the door for gymnastics.

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