The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Dec 31, 2010

News Years Eve

My good "friend" Kelle Hampton gave birth to baby Nella about 11 months ago - she too, surprised her family by having an extra chromosome, Down Sydnrome. 
It started with her "birth story" post and I've been following her blog ever since.
I would like to share a few "pullout quotes" from this morning's post.  They really hit close to home for me  :-)

in the words of Kelle "Enjoying the Small Things":
"...2010 truly began when I was again transformed by the beautiful miracle of pushing out a tiny pink body, slippery and smooth, in a defining moment that seared my soul."  

"This year has been extraordinary.
This year has been painful.
This year has been enlightening.
This year has unearthed hidden treasure within me."

"But this year, I have uprooted the deepest beliefs within me. I have questioned everything. I have spent hours thinking in the shower, driving in the car, lying in bed at night while everyone else sleeps. I have pushed myself to be more, to see more, to do more.

And I have arrived not in a world of answers but in a world of good questions. Questioning is good. It draws the best from us. It calls us to action. And somewhere, amid the action, I've realized the answers aren't even important anymore. Because where I am feels good. I am learning. I am striving to be more. I am loving, and that alone makes me happy."

"My world felt a bit shaken earlier this year, but slowly, it rebuilt. Strong and mighty.
And I am grateful for all the amazing minutes this year gave me. All 525,600 of them."

I couldn't have said it better myself, thanks Kelle!  :-)
Lainey, Kelle & Nella...she too has a 3&1/2 yr old and a 1 yr old  :-)

So speaking of questions...the question today is what do we do to ring in the New Year tonight??  We have few different invitations...and while a big part of me wants to just stay in, I think we may actually celebrate in style this year.  We are taking the little's out to the lake and Grandma & Grandpa Lee are watching of all the grandkids.  Thanks guys!!!  Now we need to figure out what we are going to do...

As you recall, last year our decision was simple, while the rest of the outside world was carrying on & partying it up as normal...Joe and I were still holding down the fort with Macy in the NICU, we watched the ball drop from suite 504 of Children's Hospital.  Fabulous?  I know...but I could not have imagined being anywhere else!  :-)

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