The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Dec 16, 2010

Joe's Birthday! and the BIG Lee Christmas

Yesterday was my wonderful husband's Birthday  :-)  To think his mom brought two baby boys into the world 32 years ago!  She is amazing!  To celebrate we had a fancy "private" dinner at Bella Vita.  A very nice (and delish) Italian restaurant in downtown Elkhorn...I say private because for a while we were the only people brave enough to drive in the ice storm to get there.  Our church had a "Parents Night Out" event of which we could drop the girls off to - we took full advantage.  They had a blast and it worked out perfectly!!!  :-)


On Sunday we had our annual "BIG" Lee Family Christmas Party.  Ron & Kathy hosted this year and, as always, it was SOO much fun.  As you know, my dad is the eldest of eight siblings.  All eight (with the exception of the "Houston Dan Lee" crew) were there.  Dave, Jodeen, Megan and Andrea flew in from Dallas especially for this celebration!
Take the eight siblings, add in 30 or so kids, plus nearly 20 grand-kids and you've got quite a party!
 oops, I cut off half of Becky's face  :-(, Megan, Jodeen, new baby cousin Grace, Macy & Grandma Lee.
 Macy gets a closer look at beautiful baby Grace...her new 2nd cousin.  (This is my cousin Amber's first born baby girl)
 be nice Macy...I know you dig her new fancy hat...and yes, it WOULD match your birthday outfit ensemble...but this is Grace's, you can't take it!
 Anna LOVES her new princess dolls she just opened up.  McKenzie is enjoying them with her.  So nice of cousin Anna to share...see how this works McKenzie??!
Two of the "Ron" Lee boys can be seen rough housing in the background  :-)
 Macy conked out on Grandma's lap.  She slept through all the gift opening!
 The big boys gift exchange...lots of stealing...Kevin looks quite satisfied with his new fishing pole and tackle box...little does he know, but Dan is about to steal it!  hehe
 All eyes are on Joe as they await the dramatic reveal of Joe's pick.
ooooh...a Cabella's gift card!  I do believe Uncle Dave took this from him a few moments later.
 Uncle Tom opens up the bottomless bucket from Menards.  Every man's dream right!?
 Not sure what Jim is opening here, but by the looks on Dylan and Ally's face it must have been something fabulous!
 Uncle John was quite pleased with his gift selection skills.  Jagermeister!  So much so that he quickly exited the room in an effort to avoid losing it from a fellow family member.
 ooo a bit set.  wow.  I do believe someone tried to steal this, but dad begged them not too.  You'd think this man has enough tools in his war-chest already, but apparently you just can't get enough huh?!  :-)
 Uncle Tom took this pic...testing out his photography skills.  hehe
Now on to the big girls gift exchange.  A little friendly competition is good for the soul.
 Nikki showing off her fancy Victoria Secret bubble wrap.  Never mind the perfume inside the bag.
 patiently waiting our turn
Uncle Dave capturing the highlights.  It got a little crazy there for a while!
I made out with a digital photo frame...sorry Heather  :-(
The next time all us Lee's get together, we will be in Sunny Texas for my cousin Terry's wedding.  Watch out we come...Can't wait!!  
Oh and McKenzie is going to be one of the fun!!!!
Let's just hope the "Aggies" play nice with the "huskers."  hehe

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