The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Dec 29, 2010

***Save the Date!*** Macy's 1st Birthday Party is coming up :-)

As you know, Macy officially turned one whole year old yesterday!
Here's the proof...she was ON THE NEWS (and you know they fact check everything in the local media)!   WOWT Channel 6's first Birthday's segment that is  :-)
below is a still frame shot from her little Birthday shout out.
Macy could have obviously cared less about her 15 seconds of fame...but Big sis McKenzie thought it was pretty cool.  She got a kick out of seeing her baby sister on the TV!  :-)  I got her reaction on tape, too funny...
We celebrated her special day by going out to lunch, and catching a movie.  We saw Tangled.  It was SUPER cute and both girls really liked it  :-)  It was a fun time.  The girls were so good at the movie that we went to the theater again today and saw Yogi Bear - with my sisters and all the kiddos...also very cute!  After wards we stopped by a couple neighborhood bookstores.  Then we had some visitors swing by the house to give her an in-person Birthday Hug.
Oh, and sadly, I'm pretty sure Macy got waaay more Birthday Shout outs on facebook than I did a few months back.  on my FB page no less.  97 to be exact...yes, I counted.  (btw - I included the "like" button as a shout out) geesh, think she's popular much?  Thanks to everyone who wished her a Happy Birthday...a blessed day it was indeed  :-)

SOOOO...of course we want to have a gathering to celebrate this big milestone.  Due to the Holidays, a busy schedule and Daddy being out of town...we are having her big party a couple weeks belated.  oh well, better late then never right?!  :-)

when:  Sunday, January 9th, 2011 @ 2:00pm
place:  Bethany Lutheran Church - Elkhorn, NE
We would love nothing more than to have all of our family and friends watching as she gets her first ever taste of sugary sweetness & blows out the candle on her FIRST Birthday Cake.

So come one, come all to her big Celebration! There will be food, drinks, Cake, Ice Cream and a big BOUNCE HOUSE. Be sure to bring your kiddos as the party's in the gymnasium and there will be lots of room for them to run around. :-)

Please let me know if you will be able to make it so we can plan the food and seating logistics accordingly.
please give me a call or shoot me an email:
Looking forward to hopefully seeing you there!

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