The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Dec 17, 2010

D.A.D.S Holiday Party!

I am so appreciative for the Early Intervention Services we receive in our school district.  Today, in addition to the OT, PT, Speech, etc, we added Child Psychologist to the list.  Miss Nicole came over to the house today to interact and play with McKenzie.  Needless to say, our toddler's little world has been rocked this past year.  She went from "only-child" status to sibling.  The addition of a baby sister has motivated her to test our patience.  And let me know tell you, it's wearing pretty thin most of the time.  Miss Nicole helped us address some of McKenzie's minor behavior issues and attention getting tactics (she is a typical 3 year old after-all!) and gave us some very productive advice as how to best handle certain situations, etc...I'm not sure why, but I was kind of emotional during my chat with the school psychologist.  I guess this was the first time I have seriously addressed (with a professional) how some of Macy's extra needs may be affecting McKenzie.  She sometimes has a hard time understanding why teachers come to the house for just Macy, and not her.  She's a good kid and deserves some special attention as well!
Plus, we have not yet had the "Your sister has Down Syndrome" talk with her.  The day will come, but not just yet.  At this point, all that's important is that Macy is her adorable baby sister, of whom she just adores.  McKenzie being aware of her extra chromosome would not and should not change ANYTHING!  I feel, as though, if we were to sit her down and have a "heart to heart" about it, her response would be "so-what's the big deal?".  hehe  So, really, what's the point at this point?  :-)  


This evening we loaded the girls up in the family truckster and headed South to BounceU for the annual D.A.D.S (Dads Appreciating Down Syndrome) Holiday Party.  We had Pizza, drinks, bouncing and a great time with friends!
 McKenzie, Bailey and Joe getting ready to go down the big slide!

 Hi Tessa!  She's just a couple months younger than Macy...they're buds  :-)

 knock out!
 I am in love with Tessa's adorable features and just love the shape of her cheeks  :)
 Macy, Jacob and Tessa playing patta-cake.
 friends  :-)

 These girls are having a SERIOUS good time!
 Not sure what Megan is saying here, but Macy thinks it's pretty interesting!
 Oh Wesley (15 months),  you are adorable!
 Hi Vollen  :-)  He's jumpin' around with the big kids!
 Me and Macy hangin' out...she's not quite ready to "bounce around", but she sure enjoyed watching all the other crazy kids.  Some day kid, some day.  and SOON!

 Vollen had fun going down the big slide...what a brave little guy!
 So did all the other kids (Max, Louise, Sadie, Sophia and William)...and the BIG kids (Jessie & Megan)
 Macy and I.   weeee!   ?   !
 next it was Tessa and Wesley's turn to give it a try  :-)  They went down lots of times!  I'm not sure who was having more fun?  The babies or the mommies.  Judging by these pics, I'd say it was the momma's for sure!

 Vollen & Vernon

 Tessa, Wes & Macy loved playing with these hoops.
 It was so cute watching them play and interact with each other  :-)

 one minute she's happy...
 the next...
 ...not so much...awww
 momma makes everything better!

What a fun evening.  We always enjoy opportunities meeting and chatting with families from our area who have little ones with Down Syndrome.  It has been such a blessing forming good friendships with many of them!

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